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Works in progress

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mocha4u, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. Mocha4u

    Mocha4u Well-Known Member

    Valsis might shake her finger at me but... I thought it would be more appropriate here.

    Previews of stuff that may or may not get finished/made. Not really ready for review etc.
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  2. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    In those beds, I still think they need a tini tiny bit improvement in the frame. I mean... compare it with the wooden planks and you have quite a difference in there. Maybe if you would like, try to improve that ;)
  3. Mocha4u

    Mocha4u Well-Known Member

    In this one or the other bed? That bed no longer exists. It turned into that yellow one
  4. Meara

    Meara Well-Known Member

    ^^ well I don't want poor mocha to feel alone on this thread any more, and I think this is a better place to post work in progress updates, even if it is for 1.7. I'm going to put this REALLY large collection of screen shots in a spoiler, just be prepared to get smacked in the face with it once you click the button. Don't worry! I slimmed them down, and added a bit a humor.

    MEGA SUPER LARGE IMAGE ACTIVATE! *insert sound effect here* (open)


    Wasn't so bad now was it?
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  5. Mocha4u

    Mocha4u Well-Known Member

    Oh boy, we are going to need a lot of batteries! ;P They are looking good :D
  6. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Oh great, now I'm a horse?! I didn't know I could be mounted... THANKS!

    PS: Why did you only show up my tail? You perv!
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  7. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    My experiment for a block of leaves. They are huge, like King Kong but, greener. Imagine like if they were banana leaves!!
    Show Spoiler

  8. redflex1235

    redflex1235 Well-Known Member

    The current Quartz doesn't really look very good in modern builds so i made some (no offense to whoever made the quartz)
    But i really like the detail the current one has, & i had some problems with removing the borders so it tiles seamlessly*
    *English is not my primary language

    Attached Files:

  9. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Ok so, quick Arts/Design History Lesson here cause your OCD over the word modern is seriously tickling my brains off.

    I don't understand where your "concept" of modern comes from. I said it with "..." because there is no modern concept in History till the present days regardless of fashion, architecture, design, etc. The word modern does not exist as a standard while evaluating either fashion, architecture, design, etc.

    What exists is Contemporary Concept. Contemporary Concept evaluates the latest creations made in History on those parameters and many more.

    I've been saving this for a while thinking I could keep it to myself but, this is getting to a point where I can't read the word "modern" anymore when it doesn't exist in my dictionary.

    Also, with no disrespect, what you've been doing is simply a revamp on textures that were already created and, what makes me get a bit upset is, the fact that you re-use textures that didn't even get approval nor a review. If a texture is not accepted/reviewed you're simply clogging the forum with textures that were slightly modified by you and ended up being denied, and this makes your work get denied right away too. This is also a form of Spam. You should always wait for a review so you don't waste your time with textures that might not be approved. After approval you can do your revamps.

    About the "modern" part, you're not making the texture more "modern" than what they already are. Why do I say this? Simply because of the fact that we are already one of the most Contemporary textures that exist for Minecraft. You're simply giving them a twist but, not always comes out a good work, I'm sorry.

    Also those revamps on @shisensama blocks are, with all due respect, terrible. Re-coloring textures it's something that we, both me and @Sheynx, don't like at all. The quartz block side/up/front look like recolors of either smooth stone or something else. It has no texture, it's bland and plain. The chiseled block, god no. We already have to many textures with that pattern and we don't need another one like that. New blocks (when they are presented to us) require brand new textures and not recolors.

    These are my two modern cents about the subject.
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  10. redflex1235

    redflex1235 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for not listening :(
    Show Spoiler

    Well... Since i've been registered for only 3 months now, i still need to learn more and, I kind of needed to hear that because now i know what i can do and what i cannot do here (as i said before, i don't know all of the rules here) I'm glad you said what you said and I'm not offended, I don't like them either.
  11. Meara

    Meara Well-Known Member

    Well hear's an update on the horses, donkeys, and mules!

    only thing i think could possibly be a problem is the Mules are kinda textures like German Shepherds o_O. Witch Is kinda hard, as Mules get there primary coloring from the Horse...(well from what I've seen) and since there's what...37 Types of horses? Kinda hard to adjust to that many color variations. I picked Black and Palomino, and threw on a few Donkey details, like what I'm calling Ëye-shadow"
    OH! Ignore the Saddle on the mules.. it's in the works still. I needed to brake it back to default to start shading it right.
    Honestly I think they are :p SUPER cute.. and still fall in the Soartex feel. Actually they say Soartex all over them. I am a bit hesitant to add any more details, I don't want them to look Dirty (Meaning that in just an opposite of "clean"). *Stares insanely at the stripe on the donkeys :mad:*

    Almost got them all completed... at least now i can peal my face off of photoshop for a bit. :confused:
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2013
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  12. ezanrki

    ezanrki Well-Known Member

    Well I had a look at google images of mules and it seems generally mules are a brownish-grayish color. They are also usually only one color so either brown or gray or a combination of the both, but not two-colored like yours. I think play around with brown and gray and dont worry about what colors the 37 horses you made are, its pretty much irrelevant i would say. Also, have a look at the vanilla mule and see how its colored :)

    Despite my criticism, fantastic work so far! I love all your horses! :p
  13. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    I like the mules, though what's with the flower coming out of Poppy? Is that just from the snapshot or what? xD

    I don't like the black stripe on all the donkeys.

    And they all seem to look the same (all the mules look the same and all the donkeys look the same). They need some variation. I can attempt variation if you want to work on more, though. But they're all cool – I want them all!
  14. Meara

    Meara Well-Known Member

    @DrumMaster4 That Flower, is a poppy, well an unfinished version of it. I posted it in the Snapshot thread. Soartex Adoption Center has actually turned in to a bit of a build and I took those screen shots in the Yard where there's flowers and stuff. It's better to get different angles there in comparison to the stables.

    As far as I know Donkey's don't vary too much. the Colors I came up with for donkeys are; #131313 (Black), #998675 (Pale Brown), #999186 (Gray), #beb5a6 (Cream). Now those are not the names of those colors, as I'm not well versed in color names. The Gray being Majority.
    Mules Range from; #131313 (Black), #998675 (Pale Brown), #999186 (Gray), #beb5a6 (Cream), #291e13 (Brown), and #b78553 (Tan) with Majorities ranging from the Black, Pale Brown, Gray, and Brown, and they do come in Spotted.
    (Times I wish I could post color Splotches!)

    Dose Vanilla 1.7 (whatever) Support Variations? If so I wouldn't mind looking in to it but as far as i know there is Basic Textures (Pures) and Overlays (Spots, and Details) that effect Horses, while Mules and Donkeys only have the one texture.

    @ezanrki Actually from what I've seen Mules have a 3 color combo. between Black, Brown, and Cream/White.
    Here's my reference I was looking at for these guys in particular. #1, #2, #3. Now I did make a few changes my self. As I didn't want them to look like Donkeys nor Horses.
  15. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    What do you mean by Splotches? Because you can make splotches and post them as screenshots or files...

    And yes, it does support variation (through MCPatcher, I believe). Or maybe it's overlays. I don't know – I'll check the MCPatcher folder in the pack
  16. Meara

    Meara Well-Known Member

    @DrumMaster4 I don't particularly use MCPatcher or Optifine, if it allows variations, I don't mind doing a few more on donkey and mules. I'd post the PSDs but I'm a VARY messy worker, I doubt any one has the time or energy to make sense of it all.
    Ok so here are the colors I used (Not including Hair and Eyes)
    Color Splotches (open)

    Additional Post: Got MCPatcher Working o_O;;. And I think I'll make a few variants later. some one snuck in another donkey texture..hidden...but i have found it! But I will focus on getting Default amount done first.

    Ok, I went a head and made a few Variations of the Donkey. Mostly just color changes. Sorry no fancy screenshot-image this time. I don't have much time tonight.
    Donkeys (open)

    They are In order; Brown, Spotted, Black, and Gray.
    I tried to keep them slimier as possible, to make sure they didn't look like horses with big ears, but still different enough to have more things to "collect". For the most part, all of the texture's are done.
    I'm considering just altering the preexisting amour textures to match these, until I can have enough time to make new ones.

    Should I go a head and release the textures I wonder....

    I also have been working on flowers sparingly.
    Blue Orchid (open)

    This is actually version 3. I was working on getting them to fit in to the grass types per Biome, however.. that section of MCPatcher is broken, and I can't install without a crash.
    And, working in a Super Flat world to do texture tests, kinda makes that kinda hard. It would be awesome I could find a sheet with the actually grass colors on it.

    And lastly I saw there was no staple dairy cow! >.< I am disappointed! No Black cow with White Spots!? /pfft
    Fear not! I made one:
    WOOOSH in comes DAH COW! (open)

    Now every thing seems a little closer to complete. (Yes.. having cows with all variety of spots is a must for me... >_>)

    That concludes the update. Sorry if this is hard to read.. x.x I'm beat.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2013
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