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some missing things and a suggestion

Discussion in 'News & Discussions' started by Whtewolf, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. Whtewolf

    Whtewolf New Member

    I noticed while playing and then digging around there is no blinkingchicken.png or a properties file for the brown chicken in the :Soartex_Fanver/assets/minecraft/mcpatcher/anim , when fixed label it blinkingchicken2?? Also there is no blinkingpig.png or properties file (in the same mcpatcher/anim area) for the pig that has the brown patch on the left eye found in :Soartex_Fanver/assets/minecraft/textures/entity/pig/pig.png, when fixed label it blinkingpig2?. I love the night sky using mcpatcher but was wondering if a new auora.png with a .mcmeta file, so when the aurora fade in, during, and fade out it can move somewhat like the real aurora! I hope this is posted in the right area and get to the team so the fixes and hopefully my suggestion can make it to the new 1.8 texture pack. Keep up the good work, I've been using the soartex fanver texture packs for a long time now.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2014
  2. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    The missing blinks are less a bug and more just- not yet implemented. I'd be happy to handle the meta files to implement them so long as someone supplies the textures. ;)

    Yes, I could set the aurora layer to rotate on said custom axis to give it the impression of movement.

    These lines should do it:

    axis=0 -1 0
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  3. Whtewolf

    Whtewolf New Member

    thx for the info....I did make a blinking chicken for the brown chicken but failed many times on the on the pig with the brown patch...not sure where to send it if you guys need it...I don't have a good art program or I'd try to help out on the new pack or tackle the aurora project :(
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  4. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    You can send us your textures in our textures threads. Each topic is specified for one thing, Blocks, Items ,Other Textures.

    Since you tried to make the blinking for the pig, I would call that animation a "Other Texture". Makes sense considering it's not a Block nor an Item right? :p

    Also, there's free software that you can get to get your Fanver criativity bursting so you can later submit your creations here. Try it out and get involved with our project. You are more than welcome in joining our online family :D

    Best regards,
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  5. Whtewolf

    Whtewolf New Member

    thx again for all the info and I'll try out this program looks interesting.....I've always been a pencil, pen and colored pencil on paper kind of artist, so this is new for me. I can't wait till I see what I can dream up for you guys :)
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