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Sheep and banner colors (plus bonus Ender Chest)

Discussion in 'News & Discussions' started by bnvy2, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. bnvy2

    bnvy2 Well-Known Member

    (not sure which section to post in, but nothing felt obviously better than here - please move if appropriate)

    I've been messing with sheep colors for years, had my own mod for a while, but now that OptiFine handles them I decided to take another pass. I'd forgotten how hard and frustrating this can be, so I'm done for the foreseeable future, but wanted to share my results in case you're interested.


    The top row is pure Soartex 2.9.1. The middle row uses my sheep and map (banner) colors. The bottom row is what it looks like to me (what I was trying to balance). I use wools for carpets and disable wool ctm, with Misa's sheep and a banner from <I forget where>. Also different biome coloring, hence the lighter grass.

    Regarding the cyan, I assumed wool color was the reference implementation, so that's what I matched. It looks to me like you're favoring the more muted shade of the carpet, and maybe no one felt like re-doing the cyan wool ctm?

    Anyway, they're not perfect, but I think you may prefer a few to what you have. The attached color.properties file has just my values for sheep and map colors.

    As long as I'm here (probably in the wrong place), I've also attached an Ender Chest that you may wish to consider as an alternate. I did this a while ago after playing a lot of vanilla during 1.9 snapshots, and missing the green. It may be a bit too vibrant for you, though I think it fits well, and I'm less likely to accidentally leave it behind in a mineshaft somewhere. Only the green areas were changed, substituting a section from endframe_side.png.

    Finally, thanks very much for your continuing efforts. I appreciate how difficult it is to find the time, and there were a couple of months there where I was skeptical you were going to ever pull things together, but you did, and it's appreciated. In particular, my compliments on the chorus plant - it looks wonderfully organic and creepy.

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