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Spoilers Share textures from your personal pack!

Discussion in 'News & Discussions' started by ezanrki, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. ezanrki

    ezanrki Well-Known Member

    I dont know if I am the only one, but I often find myself thinking about personal edits other people have made to their packs. Tons of people mention that they have for example different paintings or a different glowstone texture in their pack. I think it would be really interesting if there was a place where everyone could share their own personally modified textures that no one has seen before. Keep in my mind that I am only referring to textures created by the community for Soartex and then modified for private use.

    This can be any texture whatsoever. In other words, not only block textures but item textures, lightmaps, mob textures, anything that you have edited to match your personal preference. Im sure a lot of people just like me have thought "Ugh I love Soartex but that one texture is just not my taste" or something similar, and either modified the existing texture or made their own which in their opinion is better. These are the textures I think we should share!

    In short: Post edits and personal textures you have made that are 100% Soartex so other people can part-take in your creativity! Simple right? However, since a very important aspect of Soartex is that we made the textures (we being the community), I have set up a few parameters defining what textures should be posted here:

    Accepted textures:
    1. Own original work not previously released.*
    2. Modifications of existing textures made by Soar49.
    3. Modified versions of personal textures released in the forum.**
    4. Modified versions of other members' textures.***
    5. Textures from other packs if permission is granted by the author.
    Not accepted textures:
    1. Textures from other texture packs that you don't have permission to use.
    2. Textures which have already been released in the forum.
    3. Textures already in the customizer.
    * - Textures you made that are smooth and clean but you thought "this is too medieval for Soartex so I wont release it" or something.
    ** - Textures that you released in the forum but that you later edited but never released the new versions of.
    *** - Textures other members released that you thought "If I change this little detail it will fit perfectly in my pack" or something.

    To give everyone an idea what I mean, I will start things of with a few of my own personal textures:

    Textures (open)

    upload_2013-9-27_15-49-36.png Daylight detector/solar panel: made from scratch but never released because it is too modern.
    upload_2013-9-27_15-50-46.png Glowstone: made from scratch to replace the (in my opinion) too obtrusive glowstone.
    upload_2013-9-27_15-52-29.png Glass: simply made the frame thinner to be less noticeable when CTM is disabled.
    upload_2013-9-27_15-53-13.png Obsidian: made from scratch to make obsidian more useful in modern builds.
    upload_2013-9-27_15-54-27.png Piston top - sticky: Replaced the sticky piston texture with stone slab texture to be more useful in modern builds.

    upload_2013-9-27_15-54-8.png Side of piston: Replaced piston texture with stone slab texture to match the altered sticky piston.
    upload_2013-9-27_15-56-13.png Rail: Made from scratch to make rails useful as air conditioning units in modern builds.
    upload_2013-9-27_15-56-52.png Curved rail: Same explanation as the normal rail.
    upload_2013-9-27_15-57-18.png Torch: Simply grayscaled the normal torch to make it more appropriate-looking in modern builds.

    And to further clarify what I mean by not all textures having to be blocks:

    upload_2013-9-27_15-59-24.png Redstone colormap: Changed the color to red because I thought the brown hue the redstone has in the pack looks weird.

    Hopefully people will understand what I am trying to achieve with this thread and find it helpful and inspiring. I am looking forward to seeing what other people have altered in their packs so please dont be shy :)
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2013
  2. redflex1235

    redflex1235 Well-Known Member

    I really like your idea of this thread. Here are some of my textures:
    BLOCKS: (open)

    door_wood_lower.png Modern door: Not really complicated but it goes really well with my new house (side question: @ezanrki Do you build modern?)
    crafting_table_top.png workbench_side1.png
    crafting_table_side.png Workbench_front (2).png Workbench: Again, just took textures from the pack and matched them up to look kinda modern but still keep the feel of Soartex (I'm still not sure what style we have...)
    (the one on the top right was my first one)
    flower_tulip_red.png flower_tulip_orange.png flower_tulip_white.png flower_tulip_pink.png Tulips
    flower_rose.png Poppy
    flower_blue_orchid.png Blue orchid: Just a more light blue version of @Mocha4u 's orchid
    workbench_front1.png workbench_front.png crafting_table_top (2).png Workbench 2: My previous one (tweaked @Valsis 's one to my preferations)
    Original_1.png Laptop screen Paintings: All of the wool in the customizer (including @Tzigane 's which isn't included a and is the most modern out of all of them):
    1. @Tzigane
    2. @Darx
    3. @Shoeboxam
    4. Ohmganesha (i think he/she doesn't have a pofile here)
    5. @RGadelha
    6. Original made by Soar49
    (And yes, they are 128x)

    ITEMS: (open)

    chickenRaw.png ChickenCooked.png Chickens: My shape and color ( Shoe helped me with shading since I made it a while back)

    door_wood.png door_wood 64x.png Wood Door: One is 128x because the door (block) is 128x by 64x so it looks more true to the block (the iron door icon is 128x as well)

    This is all i got (i know... there's a lot :p)

    [Edited by Valsis: Please start using the Spoilers feature to avoid extreme long posts. I warned people about this already]
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 27, 2013
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  3. redflex1235

    redflex1235 Well-Known Member

    Some wool i made when i was bored
    It has texture, but it's barely noticable. I tried making it as modern as i could. :)
    Show Spoiler

    cloth_1.png cloth_5.png
    cloth_2.png cloth_0.png
    cloth_4.png cloth_6.png
    cloth_9.png cloth_10.png
    cloth_7.png cloth_8.png
    cloth_11.png cloth_3.png
    cloth_12.png cloth_13.png
    cloth_14.png cloth_15.png
  4. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    [Off-Topic] - Start publishing topics in the right threads.

    This Thread was moved from Ports and Clones to General since this is a General topic that talks about textures in general and not a Mod specific topic.

    [In-Topic] @Mocha4u Any chances of providing screenshots? ;)
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2013
  5. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    @Mocha4u - I really love those wood textures, I may use them. Or edit the current ones to match as an alt :D
  6. tinmankxk

    tinmankxk Member

    I changed the color of the Lologarithm- Knot lapis to be black/grey, I'm using it for coal.
    *Edit: Sorry if I did something wrong, this is my first post.
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  7. ezanrki

    ezanrki Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the community tinman! :p Dont worry you did nothing wrong, thank you for your contribution! :)
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  8. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Here are my personal textures for both top Iron Door & Glowstone:
    door_iron_upper.png - The lower part of the iron door is still the same. This modification allows the player to see what's on the other side in a better way but still keeps the feeling of an iron door.

    glowstone.png - This is a more simplistic glowstone with a simple frame to put it back together.

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  9. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Made new iron door based on the bottom of the furnace and the frame from the command book block.

    Here's the results:
    .png files (open)

    screenshots (open)

    2013-09-30_23.50.04.png 2013-09-30_23.50.30.png
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  10. tinmankxk

    tinmankxk Member

    Didn't see Soar49's rounded mossy cobble have a plain cobble version in the customizer, so here's this. cobblestone_2.png

    Attached Files:

  11. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Quite honestly that round mossy cobble shouldn't even be in the customizer to begin with. It was discussed a while ago that that particular texture, even being made by Soar49, is not fitting for the pack at all. As far as I remember we (not mentioning names here) got a bit "wtf?" with the texture.

    After it's release both me and Sheynx, the official Texture Reviewers, didn't approve the texture to be put in the pack. Soon, after a few tweaks in the customizer, there will be a clean-up on which textures should be there and should not be there. That round mossy cobble made by Soar49 is not going to be there for long.
  12. tinmankxk

    tinmankxk Member

    oh. :/ I just used it cause it was the only not-bricky one.
  13. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Feel free to help us in creating new Soartex Fanver textures! :D
  14. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    My small little tweak on Mocha's Log.

    Process on Photoshop (open)

    >duplicated layer
    -on the top layer:
    - Filter > Other -> High Pass (value 3.0) -> OK
    - Layer opacity Option -> Soft Light
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  15. Thir13en

    Thir13en Well-Known Member

    Hey guyz, do you want some alternatives textures for your mobs? ;)
    I just created few ones this night (Insomnia make great work).

    Little zombie family :

    Skeletons :

    Mysterious Endermen :

    Maybe I will upload some non-hostile mobs later, if some of you are interested in.
  16. GoldBattle

    GoldBattle Administrator Staff Member

    @Joebobcedar Sorry about that, I guess an admin missed clicked while cleaning. This thread is made to show what people use in your own pack. Not to present complete textures in a formal way. As for your textures, the major problem with the mob/villagers is that they are lacking the textures. Take a look at how some of the other mob are put together. They have details and a bit of noise. That being said the main colors of the clothes do not fit with the pack. Try taking a couple colors from already created textures to get a feel for the color scheme of the pack. Also they need shading not just a flat texture. Try using the gradient tool, and messing around with a large dodge burn tool.

    The grass is not the worst that I have seen, but the fine details in it will make it look horrible from a distance. I believe this is called aliasing. Look it up on google to see what I mean. The gravel also has the same problem, and just looks like a noise filter. And lastly please remember that if you want to get any comments on your textures that you post screenshots. Most people on here, would love to give an opinion, but they can't when they don't see what it looks like in game. Hope this helps you out. Enjoy the pack.
  17. Kallinik

    Kallinik Member

    PLEASE upload them, they are AMAZING! Thank you so much, i use these mobs and they are beautiful!
  18. Sebastian

    Sebastian Well-Known Member

    [Kind of off-topic]
    I wish I could find my ol' Ghillie Suit textures that I posted some time ago =/ I know some of you tried them out, so if you still have them, please, share them =)
  19. ezanrki

    ezanrki Well-Known Member

    Here you go! :D

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  20. Sebastian

    Sebastian Well-Known Member

    :) thank you! I've missed them so much :D
  21. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    Hey all. I've been using these Emerald and Diamond tiles in my private pack for a map I'm making. They have undergone a lot of change since I first made them, but I drew a ton of inspiration from the tiles in my kitchen, so I apologize if they look similar to anything. Though they are tiles, and many tiles look similar...

    I do not have any screenshots of them at the moment, but I plan on taking them on my Texture Test Map in a bit. But if you want them almost immediately (like in the next few hours), just let me know and I can expedite the process.

    Also, I know this is a sharing thread, but please feel free to critique these textures. I'm not a very experienced texturer, so if I missed a small detail or did something wrong, feel free to let me know. :D

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  22. GoldBattle

    GoldBattle Administrator Staff Member

    F3+T reloads all textures in game. Not sure if that is what you are looking for.
  23. Joebobcedar

    Joebobcedar Well-Known Member

  24. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    @Joebobcedar – I realize this is mostly a place for sharing, but I do feel that it is also a place of texture review. So I'm going to go ahead and review the textures you just put up.

    The Wooden Door – While it's fine to have a door that open, the wood in between the windows is not the wood that was originally there and thus looks very bad. You can delete the part you are replacing with glass. You don't need to replace the part in between with a different texture, as it throws things off. Also, I think a handle is necessary because otherwise, how do you open a door?!

    The Gravel – I see the look you are trying to achieve, but this looks too realistic and aliases badly. Meaning that from far way, it looks dreadful to the viewer. Try to give it a more textured look where it doesn't seem like a flat mess of pixels. It almost looks like you were going for something but it got thrown in a blender and flattened.

    Everything Else – Way too realistic. Soartex is by no stretch a realistic pack, and including these textures would be detrimental to the pack. And I definitely mentioned beforehand to fix the flower so it doesn't look realistic and now it just seems as if you added more flowers the same way.

    Sorry, I've been in a really bitchy mood recently (cold, maybe?). Don't take it personally.
  25. redflex1235

    redflex1235 Well-Known Member

    So... One of my favourite YouTubers, Keralis, used to use Soartex, but now uses FlowsHD (why, Keralis, why?), and in that texture pack there is a texture that really looks "contemporary" (is that good, Val? :3),
    and it looks like this:
    stonebrick_cracked.png (It's 128x)

    And i tried to make something from the stone block, to look something like it:
    stonebrick_cracked.png (Uhm... Kind of similar? lol, i didn't look at it, i made it from memory...)

    Tell me what you think, and for the staff: if i should post it in the main thread!

    Edit: Added screenshot
    Screenshot! (open)

    (The house is also made by Keralis. link to his YouTube- http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcJgOennb0II4a_qi9OMkRA )
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2013
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  26. Joebobcedar

    Joebobcedar Well-Known Member

    I'm going for an inlaid wood sort of look.
    But I can't find the subtle touch of rhe right shading.GIMP 2.8 IS a great tool, but I'm a little unsure of most of the all but basic functions.
    Maybe a good youtube vid may be the best.
    I just seem to be having a couple issues getting these images right
    I am trying to utilize the suggestions from the other members who seem to do this in their sleep.
    Ta. :)
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  27. Thir13en

    Thir13en Well-Known Member

    So... Here is some new alternatives mobs that I have in my pack.
    - added some details on textures so that it's easier to see which "job" the villagers have. The same with the clothes' colors.
    - Just created new colors for chickens and pigs.
    More colors, more diversity! ;)

    Show Spoiler

    Villagers (male version):

    Villagers (female version) :

    Passive mobs (may contain piggies!) :

    I've made a .psd file to "easy-create" villagers (with all inside and separated : faces, clothes, accessories), if you want it just tell me.
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  28. Dozer

    Dozer New Member

    I have some stuff I Have done its mostly just color changes or block swaps
    Some stuff I'm sure others won't like but I do

    This Is my bedrock not sure where it came from I cant remember
    My coal...just darkened way down so I can tell it from my iron
    My Iron...as I was never happy with the rust color...its more like the tool color now
    My gravel...its a strait rip from a stock gravel photo on google I know its realistic but I just cant handle the soar gravel
    My Mob spawner...Its the iron bars just copied and renamed...lol
    Wheat stage 7...massive color change so its more obvious between stage 6 and 7

    I do a lot of recoloring for Mod ingots as well just so i can tell them apart but that's probably not even worth the pics

    This is my first post to these forums I've been loitering for a while and decided to join
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  29. Ferelwing

    Ferelwing Well-Known Member

    These are a few I've done just because I was bored. Mind you, I can't get the enderlillies to work yet *sigh*. I'm not much of a programmer so I started with the Ender lilly seed and then started playing from there. The rest of the flowers were things I played with in my render software. I'm considering going through and making some mushrooms etc. The crystal came from the Soartex pack, I was trying to fix an issue with the Biomes O'Plenty Promised land crystals. I should mention, some of the things in this pack were purchased stock that I then played with either in a rendering program or in Photoshop.

    Edited to add Greg Tech bronze furnace.. I wanted to animate it but.. That's a bit out of my abilities right now.

    Added: The glowstone glass, Swirly glass, Heart glass, paintbrush, and division sigil for extra utils (I might change the division sigil.. Not sure it's exactly what I want just yet).

    Added: Project red sapling and leaves, decided to make the tree match the other saplings so I did a speed paint study of the leaves on those trees (looked like Ivy was the basis).

    These are all 128x textures.

    What do you think?

    View attachment 7950 View attachment 7951 bluebells.png crystal.png View attachment 7954 View attachment 7955 View attachment 7956 View attachment 7957 View attachment 7958 View attachment 7959 View attachment 7960 View attachment 7961 View attachment 7962 View attachment 7963 View attachment 7964 View attachment 7965 View attachment 7966 View attachment 7967 View attachment 7968 item_sunflower.png lilyflower.png poisonivy.png sunflowerbottom.png sunflowertop.png tulip.png violet.png wildflower.png

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jul 14, 2015
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  30. randoguy414

    randoguy414 New Member

    Wow guyz I love this forum!

    @ Ferelwing - Many of those textures are too realistic tho.Actually they are ALL too realistic *cry*

    I'm going to use a lot of these and tell my friends about this pack!

    I really love those Diamond and Emerald tiles that @ DrummMaster4 made up above :3

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