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Priority Screenshots and pack showcase/presentation

Discussion in 'News & Discussions' started by Sheynx, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    A new year and a new better presentation for Soartex Fanver. That's how the saying goes, right?

    We are looking for some awesome screenshots and even presentation suggestions to use in our MC Thread, Planet Minecraft, etc.

    So, if you build anything or seen some epic landscapes, feel more than free to share. We want to showcase as much of Soartex Fanver so any items, animals, farms, armoured players, nether etc screenshots are also appreciated.

    And, since I'm pretty sure we got plenty of you playing with mods, you can sneak them in too. :)

    The only thing we'll ask of you is to only show the pack as it is so I'll ask of you to not include shaders or textures from other packs.
  2. redflex1235

    redflex1235 Well-Known Member

    Here's one i took from a friend's server, hope you like it!
    no shaders, completely vanilla

    Edit: Can i suggest something? In my opinion, spoilers aren't needed in this thread. I don't know why xD
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  3. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Thank you very much! That's going to be definitely used. Looks great!

    But what spoilers? There are none... :O
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  4. Zyrandar

    Zyrandar New Member

    Greetings :)
    Thought I would contribute with a picture taken of my second single-player Minecraft world =
    This is my underground base = everything you see here was done legitimately; no tnt or creative mode - just weeks and weeks of digging by hand! :D Even the diamond blocks in the "Enchantment table" Pixel art are legit too! Hope you like it - this is my favourite build I've made in Minecraft and I'm rather proud of it :)
    --- Post Merged, Jan 19, 2014, Original Post Date: Jan 19, 2014 ---
    I have a lot more really great screenshots too - but wasn't sure if there was a limit to how many I could post without becoming annoying.
  5. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    @Zyrandar Great job!

    You can post as many screenshots as you want, just make sure you use a spoiler with the screenies inside ;)
    Below follows the format you can use to create spoilers. To make it easy, simply copy paste the code and where it says " Drop your screenshots here!", well... simply load them there lol. :D
    Drop your screenshots here!
  6. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Dem spoilers woman, you are driving me nuts! :rolleyes:

    @Zyrandar, feel free to post as many as you have. :) That build looks nice and you can tell a lot of effort has gone into it. We are looking to showcase the textures themselves so if you got any closer screens, we'd gladly use them.
  7. Zyrandar

    Zyrandar New Member

    If it's alright with you guys - Can I share a link to a photobucket Album instead - I'm putting one together right now and it would be a lot easier for me :)
  8. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Sure thing :)
  9. Zyrandar

    Zyrandar New Member

  10. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    Well, here are some...

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  11. zach2398

    zach2398 New Member

    Here are some screenshots of my single player world.

    Show Spoiler



  12. randoguy414

    randoguy414 New Member

    @ Redflex1235 - WOW! I absolutely LOVE your screenshot!

    @ DrumMaster4 - Are those pictures all from the same map? Can I have the Vanilla map download??? Everything looks beautiful, you're a great builder and photographer!

    @ Zach2398 - I especially LOVE the top picture!!
  13. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    Actually, all of those pictures are from a server I play on. I do, however, have a survival journal on Minecraft Forums if you want to check it out, and there will be a download soon...(http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2343662-drums-survival-journal-update-iii/)

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