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Archived Need community's help

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JusDietrich, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. JusDietrich

    JusDietrich New Member

    Hi guys, I'm sure nobody knows me by now, im actually new in the community. I started using this texture pack some weeks ago until I found out that some of the textures could be modified with the Customizer. That's when I started learning how to replace only GUI textures, I started making my version of the texture pack with my favorite textures of the customizer and more. Then I saw the link to the page of the pack, and I wanted to start collaborating with the community with some new and needed textures.

    The thing is that I still dont know how to use Photoshop or any digital editing software (just W7 Paint, which I know will be completely useless as it doesn't support transparency). I would be so grateful if somebody could give me a download link for any software and some little tips to start improving my skills on this.

    Thanks so much to everybody for reading this post, I hope I can help here in the future with some awesome textures.
  2. Floppygunk

    Floppygunk Cereal Killer

    Hi JusDietrich, and welcome to the Soartex Forums! I'm happy to hear that you want to help.

    Unfortunately I don't have any specific tutorials to recommend, but you find a lot of good ones from googling 'photoshop tutorials'. If you don't have Photoshop, you can try out GIMP, a really good (free) graphics program. GIMP has its own set of tutorials at www.gimp.org/tutorials.

    We also have some of our own tutorials. They can be useful for learning how to do specific texture-related stuff.
  3. JusDietrich

    JusDietrich New Member

    Thanks a lot, don't worry i'll try with those tutorials. Anyways I wanted someone to give me some tips to make the textures, or the basics on making the textures, just that, to have an idea on what to start with and those kind of things.

    Thanks a lot for the welcome :)

    EDIT: By the way general questions:

    What software do you use most GIMP or Photoshop?
    What's the most important and useful tool?
    How wide are the item textures like Slimeball, food, etc.?
  4. Floppygunk

    Floppygunk Cereal Killer

    I'll make a thread in the tutorials section for beginning texturing.

    I think that if you have Photoshop, that's the best to use. You might want to get familiar with GIMP though, because it can be useful sometimes to switch between the two.
    Most useful tool? I would say the pencil tool. There is nothing more important than pixel-perfect editing.
    I like to keep the item textures the same size as they are in vanilla (but 4x bigger, of course). I just copy and paste the vanilla textures and trace over them.
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