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Mod Support / Information

Discussion in 'Modded Textures' started by artdude543, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. artdude543

    artdude543 Lead Administrator / Mad Modder Staff Member

    Soartex supports many mods, of which can contain a lot of textures. To make things easier and simpler for you to download or to even help out on submitting textures, please use any of the following links to find out whats needed and where to download what.

    So you want to see whats mods we currently support? Or want to find a mod download? Follow this Link to see the downloads! Hint: Press 'CTRL + F' then type the mod name to jump to the mod your looking for. Your mod not there? Then please submit a request here.

    To start here are the links to get to places where you can find our mod collections and the downloads.

    GitHub: https://github.com/Soartex-Modded

    Information (open)

    All our modded textures are hosted on GitHub as it's easier to manage and easier to track the changes of the textures. For people who know how to use Git systems, please perform "Pull Requests" with all new textures or even fixed ones. This way we can test and merge them to the main repositories. This is also useful for anyone to view the commits being made to see whats being changed and added to the repositories and mod support.
    This system is also connected to our zip manager system, which enables the ability of downloading the .zips of the mods textures. This system was created and is managed by @GoldBattle

    Indexer: http://soartex.net/downloads/mods/

    Information (open)

    The indexer shows all the current "Official" supported mods from Soartex and the listed version of the mod in which the textures are for. (This can be incorrect sometimes) But here you can see all the mods and the download links to the mod.

    (This can be slow at loading sometimes due to many factors so please be patient)

    Texture Patcher: http://soartex.net/texture-patcher/

    Information (open)

    We have our own texture patcher for easy updating of the patches from our mod support if you require some support with using the patcher or want to find out more about this system please contact a member of staff for help. We have a quick simple guide which you can find here: Link

    This is the recommended and easiest method of using Soartex mod support!

    Support: http://soartex.net/community/forums/bug-reports.54/

    Information (open)

    If you need any help or have some bug reports about broken textures or anything from our mod patches, then submit a post about your issue and please post as much information as possible and include a screenshot of the problem. This way we can easily see the problem and apply a fix or suggest a way to fix the problem.

    If you are just looking for downloads to individual mod patches, please follow this link and you will be sure to find the patch your looking for. If you don't see a mod you would like to see textured please follow this Link to a topic to post your suggestions and please follow the layout suggested in the OP of the topic.

    If you need any help or have some questions about anything mentioned about please message someone from the staff team or from the mod team; they will more than happy to help out.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
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  2. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper Member

    I have Minecraft 1.6.4 and Soartex ver. 2.6. I have downloaded and installed the Thaumcraft 4 texture addon and nothing seems to be changed. Oh, I am not using Optifine or MC Patcher. I am using the FTB launcher and the new Direwolf20 1.6.4 mod pack. The DW20 mod pack has 102 mods and all of the other texture addons work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)
  3. artdude543

    artdude543 Lead Administrator / Mad Modder Staff Member

    This is what we currently have textured: https://github.com/Soartex-Modded/Modded-1.6.x/tree/master/Thaumcraft_4/assets/thaumcraft/textures If you have downloaded the patcher using the patcher this may be out of date due to some problems with our file server. We do have a lot of textures done for Thaumcraft 4, I will update the patch downloads later today so you will get the latest textures. The other problem could be you have a corrupt download of the patch again due to file server problems. These will hopefully be fixed by mid next week.

    We are working at the moment to get pre-made resource packs for the new FTB packs so if you want you could wait till these are live :) If you need more help just ask.
  4. swa.catastrofe

    swa.catastrofe New Member

    I know there used to be customization for the mod textures. Is that gone now or am I looking in the wrong places?
  5. artdude543

    artdude543 Lead Administrator / Mad Modder Staff Member

    As far as im aware there was never any customizer for modded textures. Then again I have only been around for a while, but to have one would require a lot of background set up and logistics. So would not be an easy thing to create. This idea has been brought up before but until we can think or something is created to handle the amount of textures with modded. I doubt something like this would exists for Soartex.
  6. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper Member

    Thanks a million for the speedy reply. I will be patient and wait for the official Modpack release. :)
  7. swa.catastrofe

    swa.catastrofe New Member

    it was indeed a long time ago. would love to see it back but it would indeed require a lot of work.
  8. BigKuhfahl

    BigKuhfahl Member

    Just wondering when the Resource Pack will update to 1.6.4 on all the Feed The Beast server i know it takes sometime to update them all but i'm just wondering like maybe a few others who use the Soartex Fanver Resource Pack on FTB the one i'm waiting for the most out of all is the Direwolf20 one that you creators make, but please let me know when it's done so i can be 1 of millions that will download it for the FTB survivals and servers
    Thank You
  9. artdude543

    artdude543 Lead Administrator / Mad Modder Staff Member

    Last edited: Feb 6, 2014
  10. BigKuhfahl

    BigKuhfahl Member

  11. ArtBleed

    ArtBleed Well-Known Member

    I am not sure if this is the right place to put it but here goes: I LOVE Twilightforest. I LOVE Soartex. What I do not love is that Twilightforest is only half textured and I would like to help finish it. There are some things that are done, like the stoneblocks in Labyrinths and the slimes there, the penguins (I THINK. not really sure) but there are lot of things that aren't, like saplings for the unique trees (rainbow trees, tree of transformation, tree of time, etc.) Additionally there are some effects that occure in the twilightforest that just don't show up at all, like the colour rotation of grasses, trees, and other plants in the vicinity of a quest grove or a tree of transformation. Someone tried to help me get the colour rotation to show up, but it doesn't work. So, if this mod is no longer being textured, Id like to help because I adore this mod so much and its one of the only ones on the server that isn't done and my players keep asking when it will be finished. So is it being worked on? May I help?
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  12. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    @ArtBleed: When it comes to contributing textures for any mod, it's basically a free for all- you don't need to worry about stepping on anyone's toes, as each mod has had a long list of different contributors. If you need any help send me a PM. I'm going to have to look deeper into that color rotation bug.
  13. ArtBleed

    ArtBleed Well-Known Member

    @Shoeboxam: Ok. Is it okay for me to use some existing textures to recolour or edit for the saplings? Just to make sure to get them all the same flavour? Sorry for being so thick and missing this information if it was already given. Im just pretty in love with this mod (especially now its updated to 1.7 Squee) If you need me to test out any fixes you have for the colour rotation issue let me know. I am pleased to help.
  14. leagris

    leagris Member

    Mod: RailCraft
    Version: 1.6.4 8.4

    I found the existing concrete texture was too much like darkened stone.
    So I filtered it with inverted wood planks to give it traces of molding withing wood planks.

    Here is a sample of what it look like:

    Sample Screen-Shot (open)

    Alternate concrete with poured/molded aspect

    Get the actual texture replacement here:

    Textures (open)

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  15. PocketPixel

    PocketPixel New Member

    AWESOME thanx! I just came here to complain about the default texture, lol.
  16. Famputy

    Famputy New Member

    Hello! So, I may be a complete idiot, or I'm doing it wrong, but I downloaded the Soartex Fanver Pack for 1.6.4 Skyfactory, both the most recent versions. (Sky Factory is on the AT Launcher) I pressed open folder, and then opened the "resourcepacks" folder, and moved in the Soartex Fanver Pack. once I open the Sky Factory modpack and go to select the Soartex Pack, it goes to not responding (which means it is loading), and then goes to default again. I'm not using any sort of patcher or Optifine. I would like to keep Tinkers' Construct. Please help. Thanks! ;)
  17. artdude543

    artdude543 Lead Administrator / Mad Modder Staff Member

    I could probably guess that you don't have enough RAM allocated to the modpack, Sky Factory is a fairly large pack and eats resources and add a higher res resourcepack on top and you eat more RAM. Which Minecraft defaults back to the default textures if it does not have enough "virtual memory" in the JVM to load the pack. I suggest that you try allocating more RAM to the pack, with the ATLauncher you can do this via the settings pane. See if that helps, if not you could be using outdated drivers/Java so try updating them. Alternatively you could be using a broken download which you can try by downloading the resourcepack again.
  18. BigKuhfahl

    BigKuhfahl Member

    Just wondering when the Resource Pack will update to 1.7.10 on all the Feed The Beast server i know it takes sometime to update them all but i'm just wondering like maybe a few others who use the Soartex Fanver Resource Pack on FTB the one i'm waiting for the most out of all is the Direwolf20 one that you creators make, but please let me know when it's done so i can be 1 of millions that will download it for the FTB survivals and servers
    Thank You
  19. artdude543

    artdude543 Lead Administrator / Mad Modder Staff Member


    The Direwolf20 download has been on the site for a while now ;) You can grab it here (Note: The FTB Launcher does not always get the resourcepack downloads nor gets updated often this is for many factors but should be improved in the near future)
  20. zartine

    zartine New Member

    Hey artdude I downloaded the 1.7 pack and im getting vanilla textures and soartex textures, I was wondering why that is? I know the new blocks might not have new texture but alot of the ore blocks arent updated like copper, silver, tin. lead. are these being redone or is it an issue with my download
  21. GoldBattle

    GoldBattle Administrator Staff Member

    This is just due to the pack not being completely up to date. We are slowly working on it but it takes time. It sounds like the pack is working correctly. Any specific mod that is standing out to you?
  22. zartine

    zartine New Member

    I downloaded the patcher and alot of the mods are ok, only ones ive seen that havent been fully updated are the chisel mod, and the big reactor the ore block still looks vanilla, other than that everything else looks great ya'll do an awesome job
  23. GoldBattle

    GoldBattle Administrator Staff Member

    Ooo, ya. We have never had support for all of chisel, it is one of the toughest mods out there to support. It has some crazy cool content that just takes forever to make. Things are slowly getting worked on, and I am sure some where in the future it will get finished.
  24. zartine

    zartine New Member

    Oh yeah Im sure it will too but I do have to say my new home looks pretty sweet with what chisel has updated already
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  25. zartine

    zartine New Member

    are there any new updates that are out for the texture pack, was also wondering what shader works best for this pack?
  26. J_Malice

    J_Malice New Member

    Is anyone else working on Chisel 2 textures? I've been tinkering with some of them lately and would hate to work on stuff that will be added soon.
  27. GreyWS

    GreyWS New Member

    I want to add Antimony ore texture from Gregteck mod. Write please how to do it?
  28. AeroyrHwrdd

    AeroyrHwrdd Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I have been working on overlays for UBC Ore Registrar but hitting my head against a brick wall over the way the Thaumcraft 4 infused ore is coloured.
  29. Kayhighwind

    Kayhighwind New Member

    I've noticed that witchery and agricraft don't have full support either, all of the seed textures are still vanilla, any plans to fix those too?
  30. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Hey there zartine,

    I only develop the Fanver Vanilla pack but I take it shaders work fine even with mods so, my recommendation is either SEUS or Sildurs Shaders. I currently use Sildurs Vibrant Shaders.

    This one in particular (Sildurs) has a huge panoply of options from minimal shaders to super intense ones. Check them out here so you can have a better idea of what you're looking for.

    I hope it helps and best regards,

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