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Mod Information Panel/Requests

Discussion in 'Modded Support' started by Shoeboxam, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    It'll probably be for mods as well, I think.

    And there is an application that separates into the files, and only takes a bit of time. It saves a lot of hands-on work.
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  2. Luiz Diego Garcia

    Luiz Diego Garcia Well-Known Member

    well that very good to know ^_^
  3. Luiz Diego Garcia

    Luiz Diego Garcia Well-Known Member

  4. zergdog

    zergdog New Member

  5. Robson

    Robson New Member

    can someone please contact the creator of this texture pack and tell him i have a mod and i would like it to be part of this texture pack but if he/she dont want to then im cool with that link below the forum thread on minecraft forums

    Link Is Here

    [edit]: Moved to mod request thread. Request is for mods on the linked page.
  6. Azrok

    Azrok New Member

  7. Ninten_Droid

    Ninten_Droid Super Omega Ultra Member

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  8. DragnHntr

    DragnHntr Well-Known Member

  9. DragnHntr

    DragnHntr Well-Known Member

  10. Luiz Diego Garcia

    Luiz Diego Garcia Well-Known Member

  11. Luiz Diego Garcia

    Luiz Diego Garcia Well-Known Member

    Few more ^_^
    I will start making textures as soon as I can too ^_^

    Crystal Wings


    Arcane Ascension

    Coral Reef Mod

    Craft and Enchants mod

    Fishing Craft

    Health Pack

    Liquid Metals

    Nether Eye

    Portal Gates

    Power Swords


    Usefull Cobble

    Utility Chest Mod

    Xp Bank

    Zap Apple Mod

    HEROBRINE 2.85

  12. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    So many mods to do....*giant sigh*. I might work on some.
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  13. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I'll help ;)

    Looks like fun!

    EDIT: But I need until Wednesday to get situated in my new home.
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  14. TehFuq

    TehFuq New Member

  15. Luiz Diego Garcia

    Luiz Diego Garcia Well-Known Member

  16. Luiz Diego Garcia

    Luiz Diego Garcia Well-Known Member

    I don't know if helps.... but I made a list of all mods I have... with the latest version of each from today (02/18/2013)
    some changed a lot of things that now will have the textures outdated... (like mystcraft)

    hope it helps ^_^

    EDIT: the "*" and "NEW" in the right are my flag to the mods I did not install yet in my minecraft and the ones that I need to update in my minecraft ^_^

    Attached Files:

  17. gjr888

    gjr888 Active Member

  18. Baalith

    Baalith Well-Known Member

    I'm new to this forum cause I feel lucky to use the Soartex Fanver since 1.2.5 (When I started to play MC).
    First I've to say: Keep up your good work. It's awesome to see the texpack growing.

    Few days ago I stumbled upon a Mod called "RPG Inventory".
    Works great with forge.
    This Mod adds several inventory slots like necklace rings and shields and stuff.
    It would be great to see if the soartex community could make an attempt to texture this mod.
    Here's the link from the MCForums.net:

    Best regards,


    PS: sry for the bad english, it isn't my native language
  19. hyperionxl

    hyperionxl New Member

  20. limera1n

    limera1n Member

  21. thebeatles8371

    thebeatles8371 Prominent Member

    Applied Energistics, might do a bit myself
  22. Giddimani

    Giddimani New Member

    Hi, first I really love this texturepack, sadly I have no idea how to make textures, so I would love to see a patch for this little IC2 addon:

    Advanced Power Managment

    It's a little addon for IC2 which adds charging benches, battery stations and a storage monitor with a linking card, so not really too big but nice to have (especially charging bench), but the textures are imo really bad. Would be awesome if someone could look into it.

    /edit: I just saw it was already mentioned/is already in the list, but oh well, not gonna delete the post so you guys know there is a demand for this. ;)
  23. Freddonic

    Freddonic New Member

  24. Baalith

    Baalith Well-Known Member

  25. megamanzteam

    megamanzteam New Member

  26. randomguy404

    randomguy404 Member

    I'm requesting for the mod's textures of SimpleOres. The thread can be found here. The textures when downloaded with the mod are under "SimpleOres <Version>/SimpleOres/armor/", "SimpleOres <Version>/textures/" and "SimpleOres <Version>/items".

    Thanks! :)
  27. hyperionxl

    hyperionxl New Member

  28. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    There has already been work started on this by Baalith. The link can be found by clicking here..

    I said I would work on that as well, though I have been busy.

    Feel free to jump in and help with textures.
  29. davplay40

    davplay40 New Member

  30. mazen1982

    mazen1982 New Member

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