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Mod Information Panel/Requests

Discussion in 'Modded Support' started by Shoeboxam, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Newest versions of mods available here:

    Changelog available here:

    Mod Texture Templates (Outdated)
    More templates!

    Feel free to request mods in this thread!

    How to...

    ...get started on a new mod (only do this if you have textures)
    1. Create a new post in the All Mods forum
    2. Link the mod's main post and include textures you've made so far
    Don't be surprised if someone else starts contributing textures and advice

    ...request a mod be updated to be compatible with the latest version
    1. Post here or in the respective mod's thread
    2. Usually compatability is added right away, but the thread may be marked outdated

    The basics:
    Download the mod. Open it with an archiving program such as 7Zip. Browse through the files in the mod until you find .png files and open them with Gimp, Paint.net or PhotoShop. Be sure to record the path to the .png file so we know where to put it!
    Soartex is a 64x pack, meaning it is four times the resolution of default. Resize the mod's image so that it is four times as large (16x16->64x64). Be careful not to blur the texture as you resize.
    Gimp: Set interpolation to "none"
    Photoshop: Change to "nearest neighbor"

    If you are working on a sprite sheet I recommend setting up a grid with 64x64 spacing (always color within the lines!)

    You are now set up to edit and make textures! If you need help or want feedback, just mention it when you post your textures. You can attach the textures to your post here in the forum, by the way, which makes things easy. Screenshots are always nice.

    If you have been around Soartex mod texturing for a while, send me a message about the soartex mod launcher and I'll send it to you. If you have textured a mod that is not built into the Soartex mod launcher, send me the mod pack and I'll include it in the launcher. Since this patcher is private we can do that without permissions.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2013
  2. nsult

    nsult New Member

    This is a little messy and I could stand to clean it up some. I was in a hurry and did this pretty quick. I plan to add and do more, but wanted to get the main terrain stuff done.

    Attached Files:

  3. nsult

    nsult New Member

    Well I wanted to finish out the texture for trees++ to what I like so I ran through real quick and finished it up. Feel free to make changes as needed if you need as I am happy with the textures now and they work good for me.

    Also, I would like to post this texture over at the minecraft forums for Trees++ as well.

    Attached Files:

  4. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Going to place this texture in all the unused block slots for mods. Any suggestions or changes before I start changing them?
    bug report.png
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  5. 6apa6ax

    6apa6ax New Member

    I want textures for "Jammy Furniture Mod". It's would be great! I really think that soartex best 64x64 textures and I need it on my client >:D
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  6. Rashed

    Rashed Administrator

    Link please?
  7. Nick

    Nick Member

  8. Zorny

    Zorny New Member

    Wanna Textures for "Jammy Furniture Mod" too because "MrCrayFish´s Furniture Mod" isnt available for Bukkit Multiplay Server. Because of that our Server must take this Mod. Makes me a bit sad :(
  9. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Soartex Modded V11.4.1:
    This is a compatability and consistency update. All textures changed in the primary pack have been changed to match throughout the modded pack. This also lowers the pack size to about 35 MB. The biggest change is that every wooden GUI has been remade in my wooden style. Many, many other changes throughout. ;)

    This version of the pack will likely be the first version to be split up. Due to bandwidth limitations on the site, the modded pack will become individual downloads for individual mods. I need someone to do the work to split the pack into the various .zip files.
  10. REDX36

    REDX36 Time-Capsule Stowaway Retired Staff

    I might be able to do that. Good work on the 35 mb. What is it now?
  11. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    The Yogbox forum has been deleted because the mod pack is no longer being maintained! If you have a suggestion for another mod or mod pack to texture, please suggest.

    Just so you know, I have plans to make Soartex compatible with FTB when FTB is released.
  12. Sethalidos

    Sethalidos Well-Known Member

    Excellent MWAHAHAHAHAHA. *mine is an evil laugh*
  13. NickNufayl

    NickNufayl New Member

    Please complete Twilight Forest! i really want it!
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  14. Alkatras

    Alkatras Member

    Please make structures on Craft Guide fashions
  15. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Mod link please?
  16. Alkatras

    Alkatras Member

  17. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Added to the request list. If anyone is reading this and considering making craftguide, be aware there is a craftguide texture sheet over in the IC2 mod as well.
  18. thekazador

    thekazador Active Member

  19. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Just so we're all on the same page, here are the remaining Techkit mods that have not been started:
    -Thermal Expansion (BC3 addon)
    -Steve's Carts (RailCraft addon)
    -Immibis Force Fields (IC2 addon)
    -Charging Bench (IC2 addon)
    -Balkon's weapon mod
    -Mo' Creatures

    Mods needing to be completed:
    -Ender Storage (pouches)
    -RailCraft (GUIs RailCraft.png, remaining rails)
    -RP2 (a few items)
    -IC2 (some items, laser)
    -BC3 (some new GUIs and a few misc textures)
    -Logistics Pipes (a few GUIs)
    -Forestry (many items, almost all GUIs)
    -TubeStuff (new item storage blocks)
    -Mystcraft (book stand and book GUIs)

    Everything else is done... we are really far along.
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  20. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member

  21. Crimento

    Crimento New Member

  22. ADKmoose

    ADKmoose New Member

  23. Dartania

    Dartania Member

    Just wondering if anyone can take a texture wack at Xie's farming mod with the CTcore and CTflowers packs. Here's the link:

    I hope so some of the stuff that Cylan adds is amazing I love his tree's. Anyways I hope someone can give re-texturing this mod a shot.
  24. David

    David New Member

    Hey, love the texture pack, but I would like to add a request to doing Metallurgy 2 mod, M2 is amazing :D
  25. Avalon304

    Avalon304 New Member

  26. Sethalidos

    Sethalidos Well-Known Member

  27. BruteMan

    BruteMan New Member

    so here is a formal request that all us Soartex lovers get behind a dedicated Mod Pack for Feed The Beast mod pack its directly supported by all its devs unlike tekkit and is going to be way more maintained over time then other packs. They just launched their new client installer on the weekend and you can find all the information over at http://feed-the-beast.com/ it has many of the old standbys and many more to come in its pack but its going to be so clean of a mod pack compared to many others. Love to see FTB support over here at Soartex for it.

    Current mods :
    • AdvancedMachines 4.4
    • AdvancedSolarPanels_3_2_0
    • BuildCraft-
    • ComputerCraft1.46
    • EnderStorage 1.2.1
    • ExtraBees-
    • ExtrabiomesXL-3.3.0
    • Factorization-0.6.9_563
    • Forestry-
    • ForgeIRC-v1.0.11
    • GraviSuite_1_4
    • GregTechmod
    • IC2NuclearControl-1.4.1
    • Industrialcraft-2_1.108.71-lf
    • InvTweaks-1.44-1.4.2
    • Ironchest-
    • ModularForceFieldSystemV2.
    • Mystcraft-1.4.1-
    • NEI_BuildcraftPlugin
    • NEI_ForestryPlugin
    • NEI_IC2_Burn_1.0
    • NEI_RailCraftPlugin
    • Obsidiplates-
    • Portalgun1.4.2v0.2
    • Railcraft_6.7.0.0
    • ReiMinimap_v3.2_05
    • StevesCarts2.0.0.a20
    • ThermalExpansion-2.0.5
    • TwilightForest-1.12.2
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  28. GoldBattle

    GoldBattle Administrator Staff Member

    We are in fact currently working on getting all mods that are in FTB textured. Once we do so we are planning on having our texture pack be included INSIDE of the FTB launcher. For now most users can just download our modded pack OR use our new patcher to download the textures. Get the patcher here. We all look forward to having soartex provide support for FTB as it is a massive group worth supporting.
  29. Tudoreleuu

    Tudoreleuu Well-Known Member

    Important stuff that we haven't done any progress on yet: Thermal Expansion, Twilight Forest, Portal Gun, Adv Solars, Gregtech, Gravisuite, Factorization
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  30. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Never. Way too much work.

    In all seriousness, we've been spending oodles of time on it. I've talked with slowpoke, he has approved Soartex to be included in the launcher. The big point we're at here is texturing these mods- Factorization, EE3, TC3, RP pr6, Portal Gun, Gravisuite, Advanced Solar Panels and GregTech. If you are willing to help us out, I'd be thrilled to get you involved. We can use all the help we can get.

    EDIT: Hey Tudor, Twilight Forest and Thermal Expansion are both very close to completion. ;)

    I'm going to knock out as much as I can of Factorization in the upcoming week. If anyone is willing, the TE items sheet needs some updating. I temporarily removed it because TE 2.0 changed so much.
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