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Resolved mod downloads not updated to lastest github

Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by robjw95, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. robjw95

    robjw95 Well-Known Member

    Your download links on this website for 1.7 and 1.10 are from sept files. your individual mod download page does not support 1.10 and neither does the patcher. Your curseforge files are also from sept. I see alot of activity on the github so when will these be rolled to the downloads? thanks
  2. artdude543

    artdude543 Lead Administrator / Mad Modder Staff Member


    The downloads are now being updated. Our magical script which handles the automatic building was ill. I gave it some juice and it's now running again. Sorry about the slow progress on getting it fixed. IRL has been busy. But no fear we are back! :D
  3. RedPawn

    RedPawn Well-Known Member

    Hi, thanks for the updated pack.
    Not sure if it'a an issue with the new pack or the modpack that I'm using (the new FTB DW20 for 1.10.2) but when I try to activate the texture pack it says that it's for a previous version of minecraft.
  4. artdude543

    artdude543 Lead Administrator / Mad Modder Staff Member

    Our "modded" packs for 1.10.x are not displaying on the site. So you'll have the wrong version which is needed. However that being said we have an update to the site coming in the next day or two which enables the showing of the 1.10.x downloads. So be sure to check back soon and grab the right versions :)
    --- Post Merged, Nov 30, 2016, Original Post Date: Nov 30, 2016 ---
    The invalid version issue will be fixed on the new run of our auto updater. (Which is due to run again midnight Paris time)
  5. Dasms

    Dasms New Member

    Is it there? I'm not sure I'm seeing it.. I tried making my own resource pack using the files from the github page for modded 1.10.x, but minecraft isn't recognizing the .rar I made as a resource pack.
  6. artdude543

    artdude543 Lead Administrator / Mad Modder Staff Member

    You don't make a "rar" it's a zip file which is the only other "sub" file type Minecrft will accept.

    All downloads are live on our CDN but not displaying on the website due to a technical fault. We are awaiting a fix from the web team.

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