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Minecraft 1.12 - Blocks!

Discussion in 'Vanilla Textures' started by Valsis, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Welcome back Everyone!

    With the release of 1.12 let’s now open this thread for Blocks submissions.

    For those wondering where the previous threads are now, you can click here and remember all the awesome work made so far.

    We will maintain the submission pattern we had from the 1.10 submissions threads to keep posts in order and clean of spam.

    For the new members, this system consists in three separate threads, one for Blocks, another one for Items and, the last but not least, one for textures that do not fit in the category of Blocks nor Items.

    Also we still believe that using the following format when posting textures will help both texture makers, users and Texture Reviewers, so do post your textures using the following form:

    Vanilla texture name:
    Click this to read explanations about the form (open)

    • Vanilla texture name: (e.g.)purpur_block.png
    • Version: If you make various versions of one texture make sure to identify them, for example as v1/ v2/ v3 etc. This makes it easier to address the textures and not confuse people.Trust me, it can be pretty awkward to try to refer to a specific version without the actual numbers.
    • Texture: wfjbowu.png (The texture you made. Make sure you save it as .png)
    • Screenshot: We'd love if they could be taken during daytime (unless it's one that needs a darker environment eg. Glowstone) and for items, we'd love if you could post them on the ground as well into your hotbar to make sure that there are no stray pixels etc) Picture_04.jpeg Picture_05.png

    Please note that, submissions that don't follow this format won’t be considered valid for review (From our Texture Reviewers). We'd prefer not to cloud the thread with unnecessary post asking for specific information that this form provides us with.

    Additionally, we'd love for everyone that wants to give their love, unless it's specific Feedback, to use the Like button instead. This will help your input to be recorded while the texture browsing is eased.

    As a quick note, we accept texture submissions for both older versions of Minecraft as well.

    While we love seeing textures for things we already have, we'll appreciate if you focus on the newer textures first. :)

    Let’s do this!!
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  2. MoJoCreatior

    MoJoCreatior Well-Known Member

    Hey, there was no post for 1.12 textures, so im dropping these here.
    I threw together some quick concrete textures as i wasn't able to find completed soartex versions.

    Vanilla texture name: Concrete (all 16)

    Attached Files:

  3. Tamoozbr

    Tamoozbr New Member

    What About Concrece Powder And Glased Terracota
  4. Devin

    Devin Well-Known Member

    Vanilla texture name: glazed_terracotta_x.png
    Version: v.1
    Texture: Attached below
    Show Spoiler

    Attached Files:

  5. Tamoozbr

    Tamoozbr New Member

    Do Concrece Powder Please
  6. Tamoozbr

    Tamoozbr New Member

    Just Conrece Powder
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  7. Aerihk

    Aerihk Member

    alright, so I decided to try my hand at the concrete powder texture, mostly for myself, but figured whether it gets included in the pack or not, people can use it in the interim. I basically just colourized the sand texture.

    Vanilla texture name: concrete_powder_x.png
    Version: v.1
    Texture: Attached below
    Screenshot(s): (note: the textures only appear rotated because I'm using Optifine. The textures themselves are all oriented the same way)

    Attached Files:

  8. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I made the 16 glazed terracotta blocks for Invictus; they can be used in the Fanver pack. I modified the model file to have a different texture for each orientation, so that the shading looks decent in all four rotations. This means each block has four textures, for 64 glazed terracotta textures total. I baked each set of four rotations into a single 128x128 file using a uv-mapping trick in the model file.

    I wrote a few gimp scripts to help generate the rotations-- they can be found here:

    I also wrote a script to help generate the shading:

    Hopefully someone finds the scripts useful!

    The xcf files are hosted here:
    This should make it easy to make modifications or see how I made the textures.

    I also made a set of concrete and powder that match the color and texture of the glazed terracotta backing. I find it important that these colors match. They can be used for Fanver as well.
    The relevant files are zipped up below. Just treat it as a resource pack and stack it on top to test them out. If you folks like the textures, I'll include it in the next release of Fanver.

    Attached Files:

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  9. Nefar1on

    Nefar1on Well-Known Member

    I like those textures.
  10. Simonbn

    Simonbn Well-Known Member

    They are looking great Shoeboxam :)
  11. bnvy

    bnvy Well-Known Member

    The glazed blocks are wonderful. You've done plenty of nice work before, Shoe, but to me this reaches a new level. I'm also quite happy with the powders, especially how nicely the random rotations work out.

    However... for my personal use, I'll have to smooth out the concretes just a bit. A blur might work, or maybe reducing the range of color by about 25% within each block. I appreciate that you want to match portions of some of the glazed blocks, but as long as the colors look the same when you squint at them, I think smoother concrete would work fine, and offer a bit more texture variety.

    Any chance you have some alternates?
  12. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Hmm, I made some changes to the cyan terracotta block. I tiled the cyan concrete to 128x and pasted it on a new layer over the cyan glazed terracotta. To blend it in, I masked the concrete overlay with the inversion of the glazed terracotta texture, and tweaked the mask in curves. It's a just a quick way to flatten the texture. Is this look more what you're looking for?

    (FULL : FLAT)
    cyan.png glazed_cyan.png

    Attached Files:

  13. bnvy

    bnvy Well-Known Member

    Shoe, I'm very sorry about the misunderstanding - I should have explicitly used the word 'hardened'. I feel guilty for prompting you to deface your work like that (you should just remove the attachment).

    The glazed terracottas are great. I'm also really pleased with the concrete powders. Though a little different than anticipated, they fit nicely with the more realistic sand textures I use.

    I was talking about the hardened concrete. To me, the vanilla textures bring to mind the feeling of a pure color. You know it's not, but it kind of feels that way. I'm not looking for Lego blocks, but something that feels more like it was molded or poured, perhaps. Smoother and more uniform. I think this is a case where extra resolution makes it harder to fool the eye.

    I did a couple of quickie examples, using the basic Filters/Blur/Blur in Gimp on your lime and light blue. I think my lime is still a bit too splotchy, though my light blue is pretty much just what I was thinking about. Your light blue would also be fine, if it didn't look like it had a bunch of tiny white scratches in it.

    sample hardened concretes (open)


    For all of yours, I think you could accomplish something similar by compressing, or eliminating, the extremes of light and dark, but simply reducing contrast leaves you with a few glaring hot spots (my skills are fairly limited at such things).

    Again, sorry for the confusion, and I'm just offering a suggestion, not complaining.

    Separately, I was about to suggest you consider rotating the held item for glazed blocks, because it makes them so much easier to place - and I see that you have already done so. Very nice, and probably under-appreciated.
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  14. Ray Yates

    Ray Yates Well-Known Member

    First, Congrats on the terracotta. They are amazing.

    Something is wrong with the blue_glazed_terracotta when you use it on a wall (as opposed to a floor). The mis-alignment shown only happens on the north facing side. In the first image, I'm facing south. In every other orientation the points are aligned.
    Show Spoiler


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  15. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Whoops, I misread! No worries. I made some tweaks to the concretes to flatten them a bit. There were a few I didn't change, and there were a few (like the light blue) that I used the 'select by color' tool, and selected by value with a threshold at a tiny 1.5. I used it to select all the especially light or dark pixels that might be throwing things off. I then curve the selection by the slightest amount towards the base color.

    On many, I just sampled over an average, with radius 31, to get a mean color of the whole texture. Then bucket fill a layer on top and set its opacity down to 10-15%. The only thing I like to use the blur for is shadows and glow; if you use blur on texture it will no longer tile, and the texture will lose its quality. To be honest, I know my bucket fill solution isn't very elegant either! The only true fix is a few hours tweaking with the 'select by color' tool, lots of curves, and lots of patience. :p

    Attached Files:

  16. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    That's a great catch @Ray Yates. One of my mappings was flipping a texture meant for a different rotation. Not only does the edge not align, but the lighting is inverted. All 16 south-facing terracotta inherit from the glazed_south.json file, so it was flipped for all 16 blocks. Big thanks for the mention!

    Change line #16 to:
       "south": { "uv": [ 0,  8, 8, 16 ], "texture": "#pattern", "cullface": "south" },
    I have the fix included in the 1.12 update.
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  17. Ray Yates

    Ray Yates Well-Known Member

    Fantastic @Shoeboxam. I've tried other but I keep coming back to Soartex and Invictus when playing or taking screen shots because the quality across all textures is so consistently good and original without straying too far from vanilla the way some texture packs do.
  18. GraceUnique

    GraceUnique Well-Known Member

    wanted to try making terracotta and concrete. so here's my terracotta. i know i need to fix the arrow pattern a little

    Vanilla texture name
    Screenshot(s):[​IMG] [​IMG]
    --- Post Merged, Jul 26, 2017, Original Post Date: Jul 26, 2017 ---
    my friends and i really liked how the concrete looked as default anyway. and we thought that it'd look good to just keep the concrete and powder exactly the same just with making the pixels smaller. so that's what i did. I kind of think i should make the powder a little more textured but i'm pretty happy with it. ps. worry about the long posts. i dont know how to do the spoiler thing

    Vanilla texture name
    : Concrete
    Screenshot(s):[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Attached Files:

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  19. Ray Yates

    Ray Yates Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys, I've been watching the site for weeks now and it seems forum activity has really dropped off. Many of my sites users have followed my lead and switched to Soartex Fanver or Invictus. They keep asking me if there is an update for 1.12.

    I understand all this takes time and people have real lives. I'm just wondering, what's left to do?
  20. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I am a fan of those textures, but I do miss the fine details, shading and depth that are in many of the other Fanver textures. I do appreciate you uploading these! If you still have the layers, I would like to run these textures through my shading scripts to see how they look!

    Soartex Fanver has been updated for about two weeks:

    I updated Invictus to 1.12 back in early June, and pushed a bugfix a few weeks ago:

    I've talked with @artdude543 about getting these updated versions listed here on the soartex.net website. I've been encountering a bug with our CMS when I update the packs here, so I'm leaving it up to @artdude543 to get that fixed up. In the meantime, the downloads page is definitely misleading.
  21. GraceUnique

    GraceUnique Well-Known Member

    i don't still have the layers, but i don't think it would be too much work for me to go and try to make them layered again. im using GIMP though and im not sure what format to export them in to keep the layers separate, if that is what you mean

  22. SirGavBelcher

    SirGavBelcher Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity has anyone started pre-texturing or just thinking of textures for 1.13 since a heck of a lot of snapshots for it are out :O
  23. GraceUnique

    GraceUnique Well-Known Member

    i've started making some textures for the coral

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