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Tutorial Mapzone

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by alexandru_877, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. alexandru_877

    alexandru_877 New Member

    Mapzone should have its own dedicated thread.I will post a simple foliage tutorial using mapzone and photoshop.You should try mapzone cos its FREE and very powerful, especially for texturing minecraft.MapZone is very good at linking textures so if you modify the stone for example, automatically it modifies the cobblestone and minerals or wherever you used stone texture

    http://www.mapzoneeditor.com/?PAGE=DOWNLOAD for the download
  2. alexandru_877

    alexandru_877 New Member

    MapZone Foliage tutorial

    First we will try to make an imput image for Mapzone in Photoshop.

    Start in Photoshop with a 512x512 canvas, press F5 to switch to brushes, choose the maple leaf contour, size 430, no scaterring, no rotation, just the leaf in the middle of canvas like this


    Erase leaf's tail and select exterior of the leaf with the magic wand.Invert selection so only the leaf contour is selected and switch to gradient tool to fill the contour.Select the angle gradient with a noise color only green and black and fill the leaf contour from 'center' of leaf to top


    Now with the leaf contour selected go to edit - define brush preset.You can close your leaf document and start a new document 512x512.

    Select your new created brush and paint a foliage with a sample size of about 200, include shape dynamics and scattering and then press Ctrl-I to invert the image.The result should be like this


    Save it and open up mapzone and create a new document

    In that document create a new procedural FX map.In the right, instead of a procedural pattern choose a bitmap pattern pointing to the inverted foliage you painted in photoshop

    Here are the settings i used for the FX map and the result


    Now make a new filter -> colorize map and output the FX map into the colorize map.Here are the settings for the color map and the result.I choose to make foliage in color not black and white to get accentuated colors, if you put B&W you have less control over final color


    Next step is to insert a new filter -> hsl shift.The output from color filter goes into the hsl shift.As input , use noise2 from the presets on the left.Also insert a new output and link them like in the image.Lower the saturation and luminosity and link it to the diffuse output you made.Should look like this


    This texture is sort of HD cos of the size of the leaf we used compared to canvas, it has too much detail for 64 but this is how it looks like in 256 on a jungle tree.I also put a desert tree screenshot, you can see its worth to make the textures colored instead of B&W

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  3. Floppygunk

    Floppygunk Cereal Killer

    Mapzone? I've never heard of it, I'll go check it out.
  4. Dare2Win

    Dare2Win Mr Roboto

    could you post a link to the website?

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