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Tutorial Make your own mod textures! (w/ templates)

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Disaster86, May 18, 2012.

  1. Disaster86

    Disaster86 Minecraft Modder

    Here are some templates for mod textures. (Click Title Image!)
    Included so far:
    • Ores - Separates ores from stone & glowing stone (for glowing ores :p)
    • Tools - Rough & Metallic
    • Blocks - Clean, Framed, Bolted, Framed & Bolted, Rough Textured
    • Items - Gem & Ingot
    More Layers for Blocks & More Ore Unique Options including Very Shiny, Dangerous/Radioactive, Translucent, Metallic and moar!

    These templates make it easier and quicker to make textures for mods as all that is needed is to recolour certain layers. The files are in .psd & .pdn formats. Also, .png files of each layer/style can be found in the 'Separate Layers' folders.

    Attached Files:

  2. Ninten_Droid

    Ninten_Droid Super Omega Ultra Member

  3. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

  4. SoaringDragon

    SoaringDragon Well-Known Member

    Here are some more textures as prompted by Ninten_Droid:

    Grate.png Metal Texture.png Rough Frame.png

    First the Grate-like texture that's used on the alternate version of the Soartex glass (If you erase the middle part, it doubles as a nice frame texture as well).
    Second is a plain Metal texture taken from the gold with the beveled edges smudged away.
    Third is the primary glass pane roughed up a bit with the highlights removed.

    The three ways I recolor in Photoshop:
    1. Image > Adjustments > Replace Color - This one can be a bit tricky, but the key is the "fuzziness" bar, which controls the "fuzzy logic" behind how many pixels the color replace affects. This is best used on an entire layer or a layer in which the different areas have distinct colors.
    2. Brush with a filter on it (drop-down menu at the top). Most obvious is "Color" and "Hue", although that makes the texture coloration a bit too flat if you do this over large areas. I've found that Linear Burn works well ;)
    3. Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation - This one can also be used through the button two over from the "fx" button. It creates a new layer which applies the effect over all layers below it or, if you alt-click on the border between it and the layer below it, on one individual layer. This makes adjusting colors a little more painless.

    If anyone else sees any textures that I use that you would like in this thread, please say so and I will do my best to upload them :D

    EDIT: Updated Grate without the shadows.
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  5. Disaster86

    Disaster86 Minecraft Modder

    Hue & Saturation is the best to use on any software as it doesn't mess with lighting and contrast and can be tuned up or down with saturation.
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  6. Disaster86

    Disaster86 Minecraft Modder

    I made an edited version of the lattice to serve as wooden overlays for crates or other industrial-themed textures
  7. SoaringDragon

    SoaringDragon Well-Known Member

    *squints at the lattice that I uploaded* well darn, I must not have gotten all of the shadowing off of it...o.o
  8. Disaster86

    Disaster86 Minecraft Modder

    dw ive fixed that
  9. longsdale

    longsdale Member

    some advices for the work of painting layers or so for the program paint.net?that would be great.
  10. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I would help you, but I've only used Gimp.
  11. Ninten_Droid

    Ninten_Droid Super Omega Ultra Member

    I use mostly Paint.NET, so I might be able to help you a little bit :)
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  12. Disaster86

    Disaster86 Minecraft Modder

    I use a plugin called Shape3D for rendering blocks, if your feeling artsy, use it to show off your creations!
  13. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    Well, I could finally start moderate texturing for the DivineRPG mod because I had a template for ores. Thanks Disaster!
  14. Floppygunk

    Floppygunk Cereal Killer

    Dusts and ingots

    Dust (open)


    You can open this in many editors besides Photoshop (GIMP, Pixelmator, etc.), although it may need slight editing to look right.

    You can adjust the color overlay to change the color, and adjust the levels on the base layer for different 'grainy' looks.
    Ingots (Photoshop only) (open)


    This is the version of the ingots that only works in Photoshop. It has all of the blending layers, so it's a bit of a mess but you can do more editing with the gradients and colors.
    Ingots (universal) (open)


    This is the version of the ingots that works in programs other than Photoshop. You only have access to the layers, so if you want a different gradient you'll have to make your own the hard way.

    Attached Files:

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  15. Floppygunk

    Floppygunk Cereal Killer

    Wooden backgrounds

    Wood background (open)
    Small Wooden Buttons (open)
    Large Wooden Buttons (open)
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  16. Nethkhar

    Nethkhar Well-Known Member

  17. NocturneBlock

    NocturneBlock Well-Known Member

    I added Endstone and the crystalline and Netherrack components from the new Nether Quartz texture to this template so that it has everything I need to make textures for a mod I am working on. Not sure yet if I like the really dark lines on the Netherrack for general use (looks fine with the Quartz), but I'll see as I use it. :-J Thought someone else might find this handy, if only for the more crystalline ore look, so posting here. :)

    Also figured out that in Photoshop, it is reasonably easy to pull the cracks from the Stone textures onto light-colored stone. Make a copy of the Stone layer you want the cracks from, colorize the copy to coordinate with the texture you want the cracks in, change the Blending style from Normal to Pin Light, and if you're lucky, you'll get only the cracks overlaid on your other texture. Worked for me on the Endstone, which is pretty pale and bland, but not at all on the Netherrack- I got the stone grain instead of the cracks. If it works, then just merge the two layers and you're good to go. I also deleted the ore area, to stay consistent with the other stone textures. Good luck and happy texturing! :-J

    Attached Files:

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  18. NocturneBlock

    NocturneBlock Well-Known Member

    And, another template update- I discovered that some of the textures I made with the template leave the ore material looking a bit dull when I would prefer it to look shiny. So, I pulled all the default textures and added desaturated versions of their textures as potential "filling" in the template. They are significantly different from one another even without color, although you can definitely tell that some share a common source. The original Ore layer from the template as originally posted is now listed as Default Ore. It seems to be similar in nature to Iron (opaque, grainy, dull), but lighter.

    Attached Files:

  19. Darx

    Darx Arabesque

    Not much of a thing but still... Glowstone separated for easier modding :)

    Show Spoiler
    Borders with shadows, Main color with highlights, Mask
    glowstone-borders.png glowstone-lamps.png glowstone-map.png
  20. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    I was thinking... What if those borders are made of wood... how would that look?

    If it sounds too crazy don't mind me, I just woke up. xD
  21. Darx

    Darx Arabesque

    Well, when I made it I was thinking it looks like grapevine and I even tried to give it some woodenish texture, but it didnt work good for me so I just made it plain color :D
  22. Disaster86

    Disaster86 Minecraft Modder

    Darx I have waited my whole life for this template <3 Imma update this thread soon.
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  23. AeroyrHwrdd

    AeroyrHwrdd Well-Known Member

    Um, Do you think you could do a tutorial on how to design the stone/netherrack...etc to begin with? I'd really like to learn.
  24. AeroyrHwrdd

    AeroyrHwrdd Well-Known Member

    Okay, could anyone do a tutorial? Valsis, any of the other texturers. I'm new but I really would like to help you out texturing. You say you help newcomers in the repository guidelines.
  25. cookie_oreo

    cookie_oreo New Member

    Hey iwas wondering how i can make my own colormap?

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