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Resolved Leaf Help - Invictus

Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by FunkiestPeak, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. FunkiestPeak

    FunkiestPeak New Member

    I need help Im trying to get rid of the extended parts of the leaf textures in Invictus. Im not sure how to do it and would love some help.
  2. YumNoodlez

    YumNoodlez New Member

    Yea im trying that to. I deleted the leaves blockstate and models but when i went to minecraft and got to creative the leaves were black and pink.
  3. FunkiestPeak

    FunkiestPeak New Member

    Ya I had done the same earlier thats why I am posting this. :D
  4. YumNoodlez

    YumNoodlez New Member

    Its probably the script..?
  5. FunkiestPeak

    FunkiestPeak New Member

    Im not sure? Where is the script and what is it?
  6. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Hey there guys!

    I would like to advise you to move to Private Messages as it will be easier for you guys to communicate.
    Also, when you happen to find the solution for the detail, simply make sure to update this thread :D

    Best regards,
  7. YumNoodlez

    YumNoodlez New Member

    So should i delete all the messages?
  8. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Not at all! :)

    In the meantime simply move to private messages with @FunkiestPeak to avoid spam of notifications ;) and like that you two can work on a fix together.

    Once one of you figures out how to solve this particular issue with the leaves, simply post it here so I can mark the thread as resolved :D

    Best regards,
  9. YumNoodlez

    YumNoodlez New Member

    Thx Val c:
  10. FunkiestPeak

    FunkiestPeak New Member

    Alright cool, sorry for the inconvenience Val.
  11. FunkiestPeak

    FunkiestPeak New Member

    SOLVED Invictus 3.1 and Higher
    First things first, once I found the solution it made lots of sense. All you have to do is remove all the block states and models, and extra textures.

    1 - Navigate to your resourcepacks folder, or where your copy of Invictus is.

    2 -
    Go into the blocks folder found inside Invictus, /Incivtus 3.x/assets/minecraft/textures/blocks, and delete the leaves folder

    3 -
    Navigate back to the minecraft directory and enter the blockstates folder, /Incivtus 3.x/assets/minecraft/blockstates, remove each leaf type's .json. Each are named LEAFTYPE_leaves.json

    4 -
    Go back to minecraft and go to the models folder, /Incivtus 3.x/assets/minecraft/models, here you will remove files from both block and item folders

    5 -
    Within the block folder remove thees files


    6 - Finally move to the items folder found in models and remove each leaf type's .json file, each named LEAFTYPE_leaves.json as before.

    Your Done!
    I hope you go through the process this is the only way that I have found to remove the Cross-Leaves. It is very tedious but I believe it is worth it.

  12. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    @FunkiestPeak nice to see you found a way to fix this!

    However i do not maintain Invictus nor am I part of the development team of that pack, meaning I cannot fix this myself. Only @Shoeboxam or Goldbattle can as they're the main developers of Invictus.

    I only maintain Soartex Fanver Resource Pack.

    Hopefully they'll see this message and get to you somehow.

    Again, great job at finding a way to fix the pack to your liking. Time to enjoy the game!! :D

    Best regards and happy mining,
  13. FunkiestPeak

    FunkiestPeak New Member

    I only tagged you so that you could mark this as solved. I worded it like that so that others could easily follow if they would like. XD
    Valsis likes this.
  14. DoodleDonutz

    DoodleDonutz New Member

    Its still me so did it work?ill go try it

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