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Announcement Guide To Posting

Discussion in 'News & Discussions' started by GoldBattle, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. GoldBattle

    GoldBattle Administrator Staff Member

    This post will explain how to properly post textures so others can view, comment, and enjoy your textures.

    Step one – Knowing where to go
    • Try to post in the right forums so the correct people can see your work
    • Bug reports go in the bug report forum
    • Textures for vanilla go in the vanilla section
    • Textures for mods go in the mod section. Make sure you search through all the threads before assuming you need to create a thread for the mod you have textures for.
    Step two – Posting your textures
    • Make sure you first take a look through the thread to make sure others have not posted what you are about to post. Many questions usually are answered earlier in the thread.
    • Make sure that you put the time and effort to the texture you make. You should be posting for help, or for the sake of saying that you would use your texture in the pack. If you think that it could be better when you are posting it, wait another day, change it, and then post it.
    • When creating your post please make sure it has the following
      • A screenshot of the texture in-game
      • The texture files that you made
      • An optional .psd or .xcf file for others to use
    • When you post please you complete sentences. Take the time to proofread. Please make sure that you are using complete words. This is not a chat room, spend the time that people are going to spend reading your post and responding to your post. If you need to edit your post after, or post again within 30 minutes, you could have done better with writing a more complete post.
    • A good example of a post: http://soartex.net/community/threads/blocks.49/page-37#post-8380
      • The post has – multiple screenshots, descriptive text on how it is made, why you are posting, and finally has the files attached below for easy download.
    • Please be respectful to all members of the forum.
    Step three – Waiting
    • After proof reading and finally posting your post, it is time to wait.
    • Be patient.
    • Remember that other members have a real life outside of soartex. It might take hours to days for people to respond.
    • In the meantime, feel free to browse around the forums, or go play minecraft with the pack!
    Step four – Response
    • Someone has finally given you feedback. If you like what they have said or agree, then leave a like for them. It lets them know that you have read it and you like it.
    • If they are explaining something you could improve you do not need to post, “Ok I will make some edits”, instead go make the changes and post again starting at step 2. This cleans up the chatter in the forum, and lets you get feedback quicker.
    • Don't be afraid to ask questions for them to clarify things, that is what people are there for.
    Step five – Responding to other
    • Use the like button! You don't need to post saying “I like it” if you can simple just give them a like, it shows your support. It also acts as a judging feature if the texture should be put in the pack or not.
    • Be nice to others! Give lots of details on how you like the texture, and about HOW you can improve it to be even better. We are all for teaching others, not for just pointing out what is wrong.
    • Express your opinion, if you really don't like something, say it! Just make sure you provide details why you don't like it, and how they could change it to be better.

    Respect each other.
    There is a person on the other side of the computer, we are all humans.

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