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Archived Great texture pack

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by piercedfreak, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. piercedfreak

    piercedfreak Member

    I dont know if this is the place for this post / topic. I just wanted to tell all of you who work on these great textures how much i appreciate all of these textures and all the hard work you all put into them. This is the only pack i ever use and i cant stand to play MC without it. All the mod textures you do is a lot of work. i dont like to use any mods that you dont have textures for yet either. I am not much for watching or posting in forums. Usually too busy but i wanted to make sure to thank you all for the amazing texture pack and all the hard work put into it
  2. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    I'ts always good to read the opinion from Soartex Fanver's fans.

    If you ever feel that we're missing a mod that you would like to see with the Soartex Fanver look, you can always recommend said mod so we can take a peek at it and work on it to add to our panoply of textures.

    We hope you enjoy the pack as much as we do. :D
  3. Floppygunk

    Floppygunk Cereal Killer

    Val has pretty much said it all. Thank you for posting here, and may Soartex be the best pack to the end of our days! :)
    Ninten_Droid and Valsis like this.
  4. Disaster86

    Disaster86 Minecraft Modder

    Why thank you, we have a lot of links for you to show your support, if you decide you want to!
    Some of them are on the Minecraftforums page.
    Here's our DeviantART, if you have it.
    Yeah! Expect a lot more in the works ;)
    We got a lot of mods coming!
  5. longsdale

    longsdale Member

    Yep i only use soartex too.its clean,light and i think the biggest with modtextures.and its the only pack that is forged from community.
    Patrick Geneva likes this.
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