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Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by GoldBattle, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. GoldBattle

    GoldBattle Administrator Staff Member

  2. Disaster86

    Disaster86 Minecraft Modder

    Here's a simple and helpful tutorial on how to set up a grid on GIMP to aid you with texture-pack work.
    Click to enlarge any image from the given tasks ahead.

    Step. 1
    Open your image (terrain.png, items.png etc.)

    Step. 2
    Go to View/Show Grid and make sure it is ticked.

    Step. 3
    Go to Image/Configure Grid and make sure it is ticked.

    Step. 4
    Set the grid size to 64x64 (blocksize) and the offset to 0x0 (starts at 0,0).

    Step. 5
    You can zoom in to check if it is working for you, it should always be 64x64.

    Step. 6 (optional)
    You can also go into the View drop-down and select 'Snap to Grid' which helps you select blocks and can work independently w/o the grid being visible.

    Step. 7 (optional)
    You should now be able to select your block very easily!
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