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Customizer Updates?

Discussion in 'News & Discussions' started by Ispira, May 30, 2015.

  1. Ispira

    Ispira Well-Known Member

    I understand that working on a texture pack and customizer like this takes a lot of time and effort from everyone involved.
    But there has been no update whatsoever on the customizer... The last update on the forum about the customizer was half a year ago... Has the project been abandoned or just no updates on it?
    If there are just no updates on it, I'd love to get involved with the project if there is any need for community participation. Soartex has been my favorite pack since it was a brand-new thing, so I'd love to help if it was possible in any way.

    If the customizer has been abandoned it'd be great for me to know so I can just stop checking every few months to see that the last news post is - still - from last year. At that point I'd probably just start slowly compiling my own version from the textures submitted on the forums.

    I hate to bring this subject up as I know it's annoying for everyone who has to read it...
    I just want to find out if anything's actually going to happen or not.
  2. artdude543

    artdude543 Lead Administrator / Mad Modder Staff Member

    The Customiser has not been active and I apologize for that, the developers including myself have been busy with IRL and other projects we work on. Along with having a small team things take longer than what you would think it does. In terms of progress the client side is done but the administration side is still under work. As for ETA's I can't give a time frame but as a ballpark figure let's say around 3/4 months. We have been working hard on other things for Soartex such as a new site update on the backend to improve downloads and our modded scripts system, once that is all deployed we can work more on the Customizer, again I'm sorry for the delay in the project but it has not been forgotten and we can't wait for you to enjoy the system once it is complete.
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  3. Ispira

    Ispira Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply. I guess I'm just going to try and compile the pack from textures on the forum until then I guess.
  4. Ispira

    Ispira Well-Known Member

    Was going to just make a new post but I see this forum doesn't have much activity anyway. Has there been any progress made at all? I've seen nothing on twitter, nothing on the forums...

    I've been trying to put together a pack of custom soartex textures but it's extremely difficult to find all the textures that you used to see in the customizer by searching the forums. The archive threads have most of the textures missing, and searching for some textures don't even show any blocks.

    I just miss having a nice version of this pack. Neither the default soartex or invictus are exactly what I'd like.
  5. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    The forum is active in it's priority projects such as the Vanilla Pack and then the Modded side of the Resource Pack.

    Unfortunately the Customizer is not a priority right now as there's others projects that need update faster and quicker, for example updating the vanilla pack for the 1.9 update, that we're already behind on textures, and then updating mods.

    Listing solely these two things might sound that there's not much to do however, if you take a close look at the mod requests along with the mods that we have to update, I personally don't even know how many mods we support, they're too many to count. Then we have vanilla that is updated more often due to vanilla updates. The vanilla side of Fanver has an even smaller team of people working on it (two to three people currently actively working on it in their spare time - when they have it)

    Saying this, I ask you, how do you see possible to have a third project in hands fully being worked on when we have such a small team? Not forgetting that we all have school/college/work.

    Please, before someone say " you always say the same" well, welcome to real life... things happen in our lives outside of the computer.

    We also cannot provide a link with all the textures we have from the old Customizer as they are thousands of textures. Not only it would make an incredibly big file to download but also would compromise the integrity of the content in not specifying who made what. We want to give credit to our Fan Artists and by providing a link with everything ruins our main goal, to show a fan based project and credit those who contribute.

    As for now, don't count on the costumizer as we do not have enough hands to work on it along with updating our current projects.

    Best regards,
  6. Ispira

    Ispira Well-Known Member

    Here's a crazy idea, open source? I understand it takes time, and not being a priority, but if you guys can't/don't have the time to develop it yourselves, open source might be a great idea. Let the community of hundreds of users who know how to do the things that you want to do with it actually make it happen. Github is a great platform for that. I'd be glad to work on something if it was possible to do so.

    I've been considering making my own customizer anyway, I don't intend to be rude when posting this, I've just been waiting for years for the only good texture pack that's updated to get one of it's best features back.
    If I can actually assist with that via helping with development of the customizer, or starting my own open-source customizer project that the community can work on, I'd be glad to.
  7. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    You can make your own open source costumizer, you just wont be able to use our content in it since we do have a license to protect it from people who illegally distribute our work without consent nor permission.

    We also don't have our projects open source because we're sick and tired of people stealing our community work and claiming it as their own without giving credit to neither the community nor authors. The people that are part of this project, this includes literally everyone that contributes in this forum, are more than free to help us with everything we work on... I see you as part of the community, or am I wrong?

    If you want to help, please do! We need extra hands. If you want to build a costumizer for us, please do but you wold have to talk with the owner of the community @artdude543 about it first because, your project would be under our roof so we can manage it after it being done. We don't want our content wondering around without permission more than already is.

    Best regards,
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  8. artdude543

    artdude543 Lead Administrator / Mad Modder Staff Member

    Yeah I'm really sorry about the lack of the customiser. Things have not gone to plan with the project and real life. Now that I work full time the same as the other web developers, we don't have much time to work on complex projects. I personally also work with another development group so a lot of my free time is spent there at the moment. As I like to switch so I don't work on the same thing for a vast amount of time.

    However I am in talks with a company that will be able to complete the project but at a cost but I think it would be a good move for us to get it out. I'll update this post and make a blog once something is agreed upon and such. Again I'm sorry about the project taking this long to get out there. But you'll love the result once completed.
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