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Creative Blocks

Discussion in 'Vanilla Textures' started by Shoeboxam, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    If these new textures I made get to the costumizer for wooden planks, they will be automatically set up for stairs and slabs as well. If you open the link I posted previously you can see stairs there and slabs too :)
  2. redflex1235

    redflex1235 Well-Known Member

    I don't have the creative walls :( Could someone help me with this?!??!? (I have the latest version of soartex and optifine)
  3. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    What version of Soartex do you have?
  4. redflex1235

    redflex1235 Well-Known Member

    I have the version from the customizer for 1.5 (I don't have 1.6 :()
  5. randomguy404

    randomguy404 Member

    Why don't you have 1.6? Unless you're playing cracked or are using an unsupported version of LWGLGL (idk how to spell), 1.6 is available from the new launcher.
  6. redflex1235

    redflex1235 Well-Known Member

    Yeah i'm playing cracked because i didn't buy it yet (This year,this year...)
  7. LOLCaatz

    LOLCaatz New Member

    I think that there should be a standardized list of block textures that texture authors of several texture packs agree on.

    Here's what I would propose with the current list though. Note that this is purely conceptual and I do not expect anyone to have the time to make this many textures.
    • I want to keep differences between the modified textures and the original texture to a degree where they can be used interchangeably (so if someone using default or another texturepack comes along, the build won't be ruined in their eyes).
    • I want to remove the colored planks as they are not that useful at the current stage and they are wasting 16 texture slots.
    • I also want to standardize similar blocks across textures. I want to move all pavers into the :14 slot for example.
    Bold indicates change.

    5:4 Large planks
    5:5 Black planks/alternate spruce planks texture
    5:6 White planks/alternate birch planks texture
    5:7 Mossy/makeshift planks
    5:8 Log Planks (small logs arranged as planks)

    5:9 Wood Cubes
    5:10 Timber Framing Split
    5:11 Timber Framing Cross
    5:12 Hive
    5:13 Gift

    5:14 Plank Paver
    5:15 Paneling Oak

    43:2 (old wooden double slab) Reinforced wooden block

    44:2 (old wooden slab) Reinforced wooden slab/stone slab/iron slab/any needed slab

    120:8-120:15 (End portal frame): Various lampstands/plinths/tables/etc.

    125:4-125:7, 125:12-125:15 (new wooden double slabs) :
    126:4-126:7, 126:12-125:15 (new wooden slabs, lower/upper) :
    125:4 Barrel

    126:4, 126:12 Open Barrel
    125:5 Crate
    126:5, 126:13 Open Crate
    125:6 Plywood Block
    126:6, 126:14 Plywood Slab
    125:7 < Any burnable block which requires a slab >
    126:7, 126:15 < Upper and lower slabs for the above block >

    125:12-125:15 Assorted wooden blocks

    24:3 Brick Sandstone
    24:4 Sandstone Pillar
    24:5 Eroded/Cracked Sandstone
    24:6 Sandstone Tiles
    24:7 Sandstone Large Bricks
    (vanilla stone brick style)
    24:8 Sandstone 2x2
    24:9 Limestone
    24:14 Limestone Paver
    24:10-24:15 Assorted limestone blocks

    (remove all of the colored planks here, as users without the texture pack will see sandstone instead of standard planks)

    97:3-97:15 - various infested/corrupted stone blocks

    98:4 Brick Flat
    98:5 Brick Green
    98:6 Basalt Paver
    98:7 Brick Shiva
    98:8 Brick Large
    98:9 Brick Runes
    98:10 Ivy Wall
    98:11 Mossy Round
    98:12 Concrete
    98:13 Basalt Paver
    98:14 Stone Paver
    98:15 Rock

    155:5 Companion Cube (Portal 2)
    155:6 Shiny Glowstone
    155:7 Red Tile
    155:8 Blue Tile
    155:9 Iron Sheet
    155:10 Safe
    155:11 Steel
    155:12 Siding
    155:13 Iron Paver
    155:14 Basalt Paver/Black Marble Tile
    155:15 Marble

    31:4 - 31:15: different bushes/flowers or grass lengths

    115:4 - 115:15: different nether plants

    139:2 Stone
    139:3 Sandstone
    139:4 Stone Brick
    139:5 Clay Brick
    139:6 Quartz
    139:7 Oak Log
    139:8 Snow
    139:9 Obsidian
    139:10 Hardened Clay
    139:11 Wooden Planks
    139:12 Brick Green
    139:13 Basalt Paver
    139:14 Iron Block
    139:15 Red Mushroom

    59:8-59:15, 141:8-141:15, 142:8-142:15: different crops
  8. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    Can you say "Giant Wall of Text"? Just kidding, I'm messing with you. Let me just nitpick this list though, because that's my personality.

    I promise it's not bad! Well, 90% of it isn't a critique :p

    General Comment: Are some of these textures you listed to be taken from the customizer or will they be all new textures?

    First Sentence (open)

    As good of an idea as standardized lists are, I feel like there's a small chance it would work as you want it to. Not everyone will want to implement Creative Blocks (nor knows how). It's a good idea in theory, but practicality is an issue.
    5:x (open)

    :4 - See general comment
    :5 - I agree
    :6 - I agree here as well
    :7 - Mossy and makeshift are really two different things. Personally I would have to go with makeshift planks (unless there was a way to randoCTM them to be makeshift mossy planks...
    :8 - I'm not sure how many people would use them. Also, if we're envisioning it the same way, it would get a little crazy to the eye
    :12 - Where is this coming from? I know (thought) Hive was in Creative Blocks already
    :13 - See :12
    43:x (open)

    :2 - Reinforced how? I may try texturing this, so I'd like to see if you have any ideas in mind
    44:x (open)

    :2 - I'm almost wondering if this slab should be like a tile sort of thing. What do you think? (Ya know, based off blue tile but with a different texture and color scheme
    :8-:15 - Now this is a good idea. It provides 8 slots for creative textures that maybe have nothing similar contained in the pack. Yes!

    :all - I agree with all of these here, no need for individual comments
    24:x (open)

    :all, excluding :8 - Agree, love this idea.
    :8 - 2x2? Elaboration may be necessary here
    97:x (open)

    :all - Yes, I've been at points building where I feel something like this is necessary
    98:x (open)

    :all - YES to the one! xD
    155:x (open)

    :5 - Why a companion cube? Just out of curiosity – it seems like a random idea
    :13, :14 - Yep, I like this.
    31:x (open)

    :all - Yeah, this is a cool idea. Never thought of it before.
    115:x (open)

    :all - Demonic/hellish grin and evil laugh (that's a yes!)
    139:x (open)

    :11 - What kind of wooden planks?
    The Rest (open)

    :all - Very cool idea indeed. Creative blocks could use some plants that don't require much modding besides a Patcher

    *Note: I'm not sure all of them will be able to work (I'm namely talking about the plant ideas. It's cool, but is it possible to get that?)
  9. LOLCaatz

    LOLCaatz New Member

    About the Hive, Gift, Sandstone 2x2 etc.

    I simply moved them out of places like Quartz to more appropriate areas.

    As for the crops, I'm not really too sure how it would work (my guess is that the crops would attempt to grow every now and again or something)
  10. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I would like to see a standard list for texture packs as well, and you've convinced me to make a lot of changes to the block list. I will wait until 1.7 to implement any changes because people will be restarting their worlds for that. I have no problems with lifting all restrictions on the .properties files so other texture packs don't need to create their own support.

    I didn't think of keeping the metadata the same on pavers, that's smart. Using the double slabs and old wooden slab is a fantastic idea, as well.

    When it comes to implementing this new list, I'm probably going to make some edits and changes as I test things. It has many great ideas, but the devil's in the details.

    The biggest drawback I see is that almost everything outside the five block IDs I currently have and the slab blocks have to be placed by MCEdit, or incremented via a server mod...
  11. LOLCaatz

    LOLCaatz New Member

    I actually think the gift should be moved to the slabs section, as it can be opened :)

    Leaving a new slot for something else. If the log planks is removed, this leaves 2 spaces for new wooden/burning materials.

    Edit: I specifically picked blocks with data values :)
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
    Shoeboxam likes this.
  12. NPmister

    NPmister New Member

    Can I make a request? Can we have Mossy and Cracked Circular stone bricks?
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