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Discussion in 'Vanilla Textures' started by Rashed, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. Rashed

    Rashed Administrator

    Please post you versions of this file here, and let the community review and assess it. We give constructive criticism, don't feel bad if someone doesn't like it!
    Texture Details:​
    • All block textures
    • Completed by Soar and many others.
      [Shoe] I'm working on a full credits list. 4/15/13
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  2. n0ugat

    n0ugat Prominent Member

    Hi together,

    however there are many different textures in the customizer, I still don't like some of them!
    I know everybody has his own opinion and liking...

    ...but I thought every texture I modify or create for the version of the Soartex TexturePack I'm using, should I share with you!

    These are my "new" textures:

    This is a compromise between the two versions that are already aviable! Not 2, not 8 -> 4.
    I'm going to add the mossy and crashed one, if there is any interest!

    Same here, everything has to harmonize...

    This is a slightly finer version of the gravel and not as dark as the original!

    Please give me some feedback!

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  3. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I love all of these! Can you post the mossy and cracked versions of the brick?
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  4. Varsias

    Varsias Prominent Member

    These textures look great! I especially like your clay bricks, and the gravel looks interesting, too. I will try them out ingame asap. Well done. :)
    By request, here are all of my terrain textures I have created so far that got probably deleted in the recent trouble with the forums:

    cobble.png mossycobble.png stonebricks.png crackedstonebricks.png crackedstonebrick.png mossystonebrick.png ornatestonebricks.png netherbrick.png netherbricksdark.png netherwarts.png
  5. n0ugat

    n0ugat Prominent Member

    Alright thanks, I'm going to add the mossy and cracked versions...but the main also has to get an update...
    Could take a day, because I'm on a trip tomorrow...

    Everybody alright with the fact that the ClayBrick only has ONE color? The main one has 2 different colors.
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  6. REDX36

    REDX36 Time-Capsule Stowaway Retired Staff

    Yeah, try to vary the tints of orange/red.
  7. Rashed

    Rashed Administrator

    Nice textures!
    But I like Soars better
    These can be secondaries :)
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  8. Lologarithm

    Lologarithm Member

    I recently DLed the Soartext fanver and liked it but there were a few things that bothered me so I have been changing the textures a little and thought I would share with the community:

    I like my diamond block with a little more contrast so that it looks like you have something really shiney :)

    I really like having some purple in the obsidian to keep it closer to the stock terrain:
    With that in mind here is the modified enchanting table:
    Enchanting Table.png
    I really like a darker blue on lapis with a little more "ornateness" to the block.
    Again, the netherrack needed some more color to more closely match the standard pack (I like it to be close because I play SMP where others dont usually use textures).

    Straight line of redstone make it easier to read complex redstone systems :)
    It REALLY bothered my that the Smooth Sandstone Block had bricks in it, so I changed it to be more smooth and like the stock terrain.

    Hope you guys like these!
  9. REDX36

    REDX36 Time-Capsule Stowaway Retired Staff

    Diamond: Nice
    Obsidian, For some reason the people here don't like that, they keep a black obsidian.
    Enchant table: ^
    Lapis: I already like the tiled lapis better.
    Netherrack: Okay
    Redstone: okay
    Sandstone: like the bricks alot better.

    Remeber, we don't have/want to stay too close to the vanilla/stock textures.
  10. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    There was another purple obsidian done by someone else ~8 months ago. We should compare the two purple obsidians and put one up as an alt. Have you seen the tiled lapis block by Darx? I agree, the sandstone glyphs need more work, but I don't think that is an improvement over what we have now. Netherrack... not sure, can I see a screenshot? We already have a redstone wire that is straight, it's meant to solve the very problem you were having. It should be up on the customizer already.
  11. Rashed

    Rashed Administrator

    Diamond: Not bad as a secondary
    Obsidian: Nice
    Enchant table: Nice
    Lapis: I like the tiled lapis better, but this is a nice secondary (better than my attempt months ago....)
    Netherrack: Great!
    Redstone: Good
    Sandstone: I don't like those that much...
  12. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Where are the screen shots guys? I need scree nshots to fully review so please provide them. :)

    A 3*3 at least of them would be highly appreciated or anything that could show me the tilling of those blocks in-game.

    Would like to tell you that I liked most of your textures and I believe, if you follow my suggestions, they could get in the pack. Now, for some feedback:

    Stone Bricks: Work a bit on the shading of the cracks and in overal shading.
    Clay Bricks: That thing in their middle looks silly. It's monotone, old looking. Try a more fitting color.
    Gravel: Ok but it has a patch in the middle that, because is shaded somehow, has depth and stands out.

    1. Need lighting and shading on the block itself. This applies to all your blocks.
    The shading done so far on the cracks and bricks is okay.
    2. I don't think that is going to tile too well with the bricks that stand out like that.
    3, 4. No. Either get little bits of the breaking animation and scatter in on the block or ask for someone to do it. Your cracked effect is too much.
    5. Good but try to make the vines get stuck int he cracks (burn tool them just a bit) and even make some portions of the vine look like is getting out or into the stone.
    6. Because of the shading on the entire block (appreciating the effort) I don't know how well it will tille and look good because of the dark corners. The middle stone has no depth though.
    7. Ok.
    8. Way too dark. Can I get an even lighter version? On my PC, if I go into a fortress it's all so dark...
  13. Lologarithm

    Lologarithm Member

    I know but I prefer close to stock textures because it lets me see more closely what people using the stock pack see when they look at my stuff. It is nice to have that when on a server that doesn't have a standard texture pack.

    I simply shared them here in case anyone else liked it better :)

    Also, I redid sand because I thought it had too little texture. Honestly you can barely tell the difference so it might not even be worth using as an alternate but as this is a community made pack I figured I should share:
  14. REDX36

    REDX36 Time-Capsule Stowaway Retired Staff

    Still, we aren't a faithful pack.

    Nice sand btw.
  15. Rashed

    Rashed Administrator

    Nice sand!
  16. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Oh, I missed you at reviewing Lologaritgm. There you go:

    Diamond Block: Needs the outline removed. You could work some more on the block too. It may be too dark now and less shiny.
    Obsidian Block: I believe that looks more deep blue than purple. We had a purple alternative somewhere.
    Enchant. Table: The right side has a lighter edge. Black it up.
    Lapis Block: That just looks sick. :) Just a bit of work on the edges. Donno what, to make sure it fits with other blocks.
    Netherrack: No!
    Redstone line: I don't know how would that look with the deep color of red...
    Sandstone: No!
    Sand: Need a screenshot for that. A very posible No though...
    I need screen shots. Not for the netherrack or sandstone (which I won't approve). Don't think I'll approve that obsidian either.
    Would like to see you considering my suggestions. :)

    Soar49 keept somewhat close to the vanilla (except for the awesome graphics)...I fully intend not to let this pack go off track.
  17. Lologarithm

    Lologarithm Member

    Diamond Block: Not sure exactly if this is what you want. My goal was to add a little more color into the existing diamond block, this rework is just the one i posted before without the border and lightened a tiny bit.
    Obsidian: I dunno, maybe my monitor is bad, looks purple to me :)

    Table Fixed:
    Enchanting Table.png

    Lapis: Again, not sure exactly what you wanted,I just cleaned up the border a little bit. Hopefully this is what you wanted:
    Here is screenshot of lapis in game:

    Screenshot of sand:
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  18. Rashed

    Rashed Administrator

    That's a lot better!
  19. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    I still don't like the sand. Looks like blured yellow cream O-o I'd go crazy playing with it. Sorry.
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  20. Animo

    Animo Prominent Member

    I like Lapis Block very!
    It is a nifty pattern.
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  21. Darx

    Darx Arabesque

    We really need a new netherrack wich fits soartex and doesnt make me sit near pc with this :confused: face each time i enter the nether. So.. nethercobble for ya guys!


  22. Varsias

    Varsias Prominent Member

    Thanks for the review Sheynx, you gave very constructive critique. I will try to follow your suggestions, but I'll have very little time for texturing in the next weeks, so that might not happen so soon :-( . I'm focused on finishing my iron golem texture right now, I just re-posted the old textures in case some of them got lost.

    @Lologarithm: That pattern on the lapis looks interesting, but the thing in the middle looks a lot like the imprint of a fan, which is a little bit weird.
  23. Ninten_Droid

    Ninten_Droid Super Omega Ultra Member

    We need a COMPLETLY new netherrack texture. Nether cobble makes the nether feel too flat and stuff :confused:
  24. Rashed

    Rashed Administrator

    I agree. And Soar's is too smooth for such an evil place
  25. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I should post the tweaked version of the nether brick I've been distributing for ages now. I took the brick by kurtextrem and made it a little brighter. That is all.
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  26. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Here is the nether brick I mentioned in the last post.
    Screenshots (open)
    Without light:
    With light:

    Here is some new nether wart:
    Screenshots (open)
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  27. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Shoe, lighting on the blocks. You have none.

    Also, why is the smaller version of the netherwart darker than the grown one :confused: Besides, that red looks awful. :( I like the shape though.
  28. Animo

    Animo Prominent Member

    New nether wart!
    I like this.
    But, it should increase the color change.
    It is orange.
    Or black.
    I want to see it is black.
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  29. Ninten_Droid

    Ninten_Droid Super Omega Ultra Member

    But I like the new netherwart!!!!!! Sheynx, you should at least be happy that someone finally made a netherwart that blends with the pack!
  30. Floppygunk

    Floppygunk Cereal Killer

    ... Ninten, please tell me you're trolling...

    That nether wart is great! I agree with Sheynx, it needs some shading and a bit of recoloration.
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