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Archived Better Skies

Discussion in 'MCPatcher' started by AyrJr, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. popwebz

    popwebz New Member

    I asked Tobiwan Kenobi on minecraftforum.net for permission to add it to the Soartex pack and he said yes. So I can scale the textures 2x (since Inspiration is a 32px pack) if you'd like that.
  2. Floppygunk

    Floppygunk Cereal Killer

    It looks pretty nice, but if it's going to be added to the pack, it should either be kept 32x (not recommended) or be remade in 64x (not likely). Resizing would add blur, which probably wouldn't look that great.
  3. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Aurora Borealis? I think I heard a few requests for this. Took me some time to come up with a way to make it, I've been waiting all week to try it out. ;)

    Just place the two files in your /environment/sky0/ folder.
    /time 16000 will cue to it.

    This is something that would appear every single night. I'm not ok with including it in the main soartex because of that. If I could tie it to certain biomes or make it only appear on a random chance I would want to include it in the pack, but I can't. I'm thinking customizer.

    Attached Files:

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  4. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I have a few more goodies. I'm thinking it would be nice to have the aurora borealis in, how about it shows up for a minute or so in the late, late, late night? sky9.properties attached to this post has that effect.

    Also, I've made another horizon cloud. This one is a combination of my previous two. I've used layer masks to prevent the detailed cloud layer from making the hazy cloud layer from becoming too strong. I also used the hazy cloud layer to remove some of the opacity loss in the bottom part of the lower detailed clouds.

    I'm trying to come up with a way to make the atmospheric clouds fade as they get closer to the horizon clouds. With the way things work currently, the atmospheric clouds hover over the horizon clouds and it ends up looking too bright and somewhat weird...

    Attached Files:

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  5. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I rebalanced quite a few of the timings. Each layer should fade into each other better now. Stars are multilayered. The sunrise no longer has that blue flare.

    A new atmospheric clouds layer is added that isn't so hazy.

    Soar's original moon was 4x the resolution, so I remade the moon phases without loss.

    The sky and fog colors are remade to be a palette averaged around the old sky and fog colors. The swamp is lightened significantly.

    This also includes an updated lightmap that has a gradient edited per-pixel to be perfectly averaged, so it fluctuates less. No light, night and day are identical, it's just the pixels inbetween that are smoother.

    Please delete the watercolorX.png and underwatercolor.png files from the misc folder. Then drag the contents of this .zip into your 1.5.2 texture pack to test.

    I am working on screenshots ;)

    Attached Files:

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  6. Spruu

    Spruu Well-Known Member

    Shoe, I love that jungle screenshot! It really gives it a rain forest feel.

    Also, the swamp change is huge. That dark green color and the bright green jungle are two colors even in vanilla I always needed to change. I approve. :)

    As for the skies, as much as I would love Minecraft to have auroras, I think you're right on not making them the base texture. A time limited visibility could work, but I was wondering if there's any way to change that stuff dependent upon the moon phase? Like it's only visible on a new moon?

    Lastly, the clouds look great but I feel, at least in the screenshots, that the horizon is too bright. I could be wrong on that though.
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  7. ezanrki

    ezanrki Well-Known Member

    Shoe, amazing work! Fantastic skies. But i have a bit of a problem, I have installed your skies.zip and everything works great but the horizon clouds dont show up? Everything else is there except the horizon clouds. I have checked and the file is there so nothing is missing but for some reason they just dont appear in game, what am I doing wrong?

    screenie (open)
  8. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    I love the better skies / atmospheric clouds that you've added.

    I also love the swamp and jungle colors from the screenshots :D
  9. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    @Spruu: You're right! I halved the opacity. Thanks for the feedback. :)
    @Ezanrki: Could you try opening /sky0/sky0.properties and deleting these lines:
    axis=0 -1 0

    I made the horizon clouds very slowly rotate around the world, and to do that I had to change the rotation axis. If you are using Optifine and if Optifine doesn't support that, it might not be loading the texture.

    When you remove those lines, could you let me know if it solves the problem?

    Other than that, consider me confused..
  10. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member


    My idea <3
  11. ezanrki

    ezanrki Well-Known Member

    I opened the sky.0 file and noticed that the speed=0.2 line was missing entirely. I added it but it did not fix the problem, nor did removing all three lines. Yes I am using Optifine, but I havent had this problem with any other sky textures o_O

    Just managed to fix it. I renamed the sky.0 properties file to sky.10 and it works :eek: maybe optifine has some problem with sky textures called sky.0? no idea but im happy it works :p
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  12. ezanrki

    ezanrki Well-Known Member

    So Optifine seems to have created another problem with the sky. No sky textures are rendering during the night. No galaxies, aurora, stars, nothing. Anyone else using Optifine experiencing the same issue?
  13. GoldBattle

    GoldBattle Administrator Staff Member

    What minecraft version are you playing with?
  14. ezanrki

    ezanrki Well-Known Member

  15. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Someone else was having the same problem. Not sure how to fix yet.

    EDIT: Skies files within .zips don't load textures without the full path inside the same folder. Fixed in the customizer.
  16. ezanrki

    ezanrki Well-Known Member

    Thanks works perfect now :)
  17. Spruu

    Spruu Well-Known Member

    I didn't catch this part about you fixing it in the customizer before. I tried it out, changing the text files so they have the "~/sky/world0/" in the source location makes the night sky work again. Were you aware the current standard pack is still missing that? So it wouldn't be working for anyone who has downloaded that pack since 1.6 through now.

    Sorry if you're aware and waiting on the next version to change it, just didn't want it to be forgotten.
  18. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Yep, I am aware it still isn't fixed... It would have been better to release an update earlier, but a whole bunch of features got rolled in.
    Me, Goldbattle and Tzigane are starting into a 72 hour resource pack competition later today, so there will be a few more days before the snapshot pack is made the main pack.

    I am basically waiting to release the snapshot pack until the potatoes are right... but I may just need to go ahead without them.
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