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Archived Better Skies

Discussion in 'MCPatcher' started by AyrJr, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. AyrJr

    AyrJr New Member

    MCPatcher now supports better skies.

    From Kahr:
    Tutorial (open)

    (sample sky.properties, skybox template)
    Tired of the default starfield? MCPatcher supports fully customizable skyboxes! Multiple skyboxes can be layered together using several blending methods and set to fade in and out at certain times of the day.

    Each "layer" of custom sky must have a .properties file located at /terrain/sky0/sky<n>.properties. In it you specify a texture (default: /terrain/sky0/sky<n>.png), the time of day the texture should fade in and out, and a blending method (default: add). Various blending methods are available: add, subtract, multiply, dodge, burn, screen, and replace. See the sample sky.properties file for more options.

    The skybox texture is mapped onto a rotating cube around the game world. The texture can be any size but must have 2 rows of 3 tiles. The template shows how the six tiles on the texture map to faces of the skybox. This orientation is taken at noon in game time, so the sun is drawn in the center of the top face and the moon in the center of the bottom face. This means that a custom starfield should have whatever you want to be directly overhead on the bottom face.

    Better Skies works only in the overworld. The Nether and The End are not currently supported.
    Our Work:
    Stars (By AyrJr) (open)

    Texture (open)

    Screenshots (open)



    Worm's Eye View

    Edited by Disaster86 (Mod)
  2. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Just took a good look at it and I'm amazed. Spectacular job here, AyrJr. I think we should revert back to soar's old small moon, too, I think it will match better. Anyways, this is fantastic! Definitely going to be a part of the next update. Any chance it could be a little smaller? 7.25 MB is a toughie.

    EDIT: How does compression to 8-bit or maybe a little higher look? Fewer colors, but I don't know if there will be a very noticeable difference until someone tests it out.
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  3. AyrJr

    AyrJr New Member

    The file compression is already set to 8bit/channels. I will see if PNGGauntlet can save me.
  4. AyrJr

    AyrJr New Member

    File updated, the final result is 5.27MB.
    Is all that I can do, maybe someone with better skills can compress it a little bit more.
  5. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Neato, now how about I add a few changes of my own? I'll take Floppy's old HD clouds, use Custom Colors to lock the clouds into fast mode, then pull a misa and reuse the clouds lightly in the day sky. Animated clouds would be cool, too, but it might be a bit too much, haha. Then use soar's smaller moon. I wonder how the skycolor.png plays with this.

    5.27 MB is definitely better, but the whole pack is ~9 mb, haha. Also, it seems to be a rectangle, aren't the stars set up to fade in/out of the sky cube? If that's the case, couldn't you cut off part of the picture and not have any change in the night sky?

    EDIT: Derp, nevermind. It is the right dimensions.
  6. AyrJr

    AyrJr New Member

    I was confused for a second! o_O
  7. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    You mean the sky is meant to be 1000+ pixels wide??? O_O That is just wrong! The file image is huge and there are too many pixels ;( We can make this thing a separate download though, for people who can run it.
  8. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Misa's is the same size, but only 2.2 MB. If it gets down to ~2.5 MB it would be worth including.
  9. AyrJr

    AyrJr New Member

    Problem solved!

    But it lost some of the detail, of course.
  10. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Mhm...It did have way too much going on. To the point where I would just stop and stare at it and not pay attention to creepers that wanna hug me. It seems more fit in the end than in the normal world as it's a bit too complicated.

    Not being so busy isn't such a bad thing. As long as it still looks good and makes me go wow, then there's no problem. Simple is sometimes way more elegant and more fitting to this pack than lots of random colors. :) Can you post some screen-shots/the sky file?
  11. AyrJr

    AyrJr New Member

    Here are the screenshots:

    Show Spoiler

    Sunset, the stars starts to fade-in


    View from ground level:

    And, the texture, but a lot smaller:
    Show Spoiler


    Hope that helps! :)
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  12. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    In my opinion, it looks way better now. ;) My favorite is the sunset though. Simple and elegant, perfect fit.

    Maybe make them usual star tones? Light blue, white, grey-ish. Seems like that wold work better than all those colors. Also, add a tiny bit of blur in the back of a few of them so they look farther away.

    Sorry for the trouble. ^_^'
  13. Disaster86

    Disaster86 Minecraft Modder

    Colour me impressed. Here I was thinking this would never happen ;)
  14. AyrJr

    AyrJr New Member

    So, should I reduce the saturation a little bit, and apply some blur? Or let it as it is?
    Another thing I've posted that texture just for preview, as it only have 1360x700. The texture that I've used in the screenshots have 3600x2400 and have 1.6mb. I can't even compare the quality of both images...
  15. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Do you have any color replacement tools? Photoshop has one, Gimp should have that too. I donno about applying blur...I didn't meant it on the whole image...just on 15 or so, in appropriate places...Not all stars are at the same distance so an...0.001 blur (<--kinda impossible setting-something almost unnoticeable) on some of them would make it a bit real. They are usually quite visible where you are, so...I donno how this thing is used...Let's hold on blurring till we figure other things out.
    Did you read what Spruu said in the Mc Forums topic? Is quite a nice imput:
  16. AyrJr

    AyrJr New Member

    The blur I say is actually 0,3 gaussian blur, it will probably just smooth the edge of each star, I will also look into those edges, it's probably my monitor or my settings in minecraft, as my brightness in the game is 0, thanks for pointing me that, I would never saw it.
  17. AyrJr

    AyrJr New Member

    Ok, I think it is fixed, I THINK.

    I've changed:
    - The saturation, the stars still have color, but not so colorful as it was.
    - The texture dimension were reduced, without losing detail in Minecraft, now the texture have 1,25MB.
    - Fixed (?) the edges of the box and huge amount of stars, that was actually a compression problem, as the texture only have 256 colors it "created" stars out of nowhere trying to replace dark colors with grey colors.
    - Moved the pieces of the puzzle, so there is stars mostly everywhere.

    But, I would LOVE, if someone could test it out:
  18. Ninten_Droid

    Ninten_Droid Super Omega Ultra Member

    Wow, looking at the screenshots I feel like Soartex is getting closer and closer to ==Perfection== :)
  19. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I will test it out! But on Saturday- when I get back to my computer.

    That is amazing! It's definitely a winner. It's also far more visible in-game. Beautiful, though.
  20. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I am working on the skies. My first change is the sun! Add this to your terrain folder:
    It looks different in-game, so please test it before you suggest changes. It also changes at sunrise and sunset. Sunrays become visible and it turns more vibrant, more colored.

    EDIT: I know there is a stray pixel on the edge. I will not fix it until I am done... I can't seem to find it among all the various layers.

    EDIT2: Horizon clouds! I am still writing the .properties files, so they aren't useful to you guys yet.

    EDIT3: Add the files inside sky0.zip into the /terrain/sky0 folder. If you already have stars in that folder, rename the sky1.properties to sky4.properties. This adds horizon clouds! Sunrises and sunsets are extra orange where the sun rises/sets and have a soft blue hue where the moon rises/sets.

    EDIT4: I forgot to add the clouds.png. It goes in your environment folder.

    Attached Files:

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  21. REDX36

    REDX36 Time-Capsule Stowaway Retired Staff

    Nice! Im not sure about the sun though, I kinda like ours.
  22. Floppygunk

    Floppygunk Cereal Killer

    Sorry, I don't really like that sun. I think ours is great (if only it didn't have that light circle thing).
  23. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    I've had some time to develop and think on this (8 months) and I've completely remade everything and added a lot more. This is a complete remake...

    -remade horizon clouds
    -new atmospheric clouds
    -rebalanced fades
    -setting, noon and rising sun backings (by SoaringDragon)
    -new starfield
    -galaxies layer
    -red depth layer

    -Sun by SoaringDragon
    (like her posts here: http://www.soartex.net/threads/sun-png.52/#post-6798)
    Show Spoiler

    The night sky comes from a 2x3 bitmap, so nobody will have problems with unloading textures breaking their night sky.


    I recommend pairing this with the moon_phases_detailed.png by SoaringDragon here:
  24. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member


    I LOVE EHT!!:eek:
    gjr888 likes this.
  25. gjr888

    gjr888 Active Member

  26. SoaringDragon

    SoaringDragon Well-Known Member

    I love what you've done with my suns, Shoe! :D And the night sky looks amazing. Looking forward to see it in-game.
  27. Sheynx

    Sheynx Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    The clouds are a bit too soft and transparent...maybe make them look like they have more opacity? They look like soft smoke right now. Otherwise it's fine...:3
  28. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Imagine that you're in a sauna every time you play Minecraft... that's what those clouds are there for!!!

    You don't get anything, do ya woman? xD

    I <3 you Shey
  29. popwebz

    popwebz New Member

    Hello, I found some really awesome animated sky textures that I think should be integrated into this texture pack.
    Particularly, the shooting stars look really nice and it is fun to see these every now and then at night. Another great addition is the "North Star" which is bright enough to see in the day and is useful for navigation.

    I have included the environment folder for consideration by the Soartex community. Just put the environment folder in your texture pack zip to see how it looks.
    Please let me know what you guys think.

    Attached Files:

  30. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Administrator/ Invictus Staff Member

    Awesome! I like the sky textures in the Inspiration pack too. Tobiwan Kenobi did a great job on them. If someone makes some nice shooting stars and stars for soartex, I'll be happy to add them to the pack.
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