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Announcement Are you up for the Challenge?

Discussion in 'News & Discussions' started by Valsis, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Hello fellow Fans!

    We're trying to gather new screenshots of amazing builds with amazing interior design and landscape to show our amazing Resource Pack along with your awesome Builds and Designs!

    Use your imagination to show the best of our pack, be creative and get involved! Show to everyone that you have brilliant things to share. With or without Shaders, Modded or Vanilla, anything is allowed but remember to be awesome at what you do.

    From landscape to animals, from simple designs to intricate buildings... Minecraft's sky might have a limit, but your imagination is unlimited!

    We're trying to get updated screenshots that already have the new textures that were submitted in the forum so, if you don't have them, make sure to grab them... they hop now! If you happen to don't have the latest textures, don't worry, it's not mandatory, simply make sure you have the latest updated pack that can be downloaded here. Make sure to get the pack dated from May 22nd.

    Credits will be awarded so people know who contributed for our new screenshots and, those who have a PMC account to share Builds and Designs, once you post your screenshots here, don't forget to also put the link of your PMC page so we can add it to the credits and have people visit your work as well.

    Are you ready? Excited? GO!

    Best regards,
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  2. SpAcE_mOnKeY126

    SpAcE_mOnKeY126 Well-Known Member

  3. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    @SpAcE_mOnKeY126 amazing start, I drooled at the ones with shaders to be honest with you. haha! The village one is spectacular and I want it in the slideshow already. Keep giving us more.

    If you, or anyone, is able to provide screenshots of an awesome bedroom, awesome library, awesome living room and kitchen, awesome backyard, awesome landscape designs or even a small town, animals and combination of biomes, please do contribute with screenshots.

    About the display screenshot, if you have a different way to make a showcase of the textures, be my guest, I believe it would be unique from our part to stand out and be different instead of using the texture showcase that everyone uses.

    Again, Minecraft's sky might have a limit, your imagination is unlimited ;)

    Best regards,
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  4. SpAcE_mOnKeY126

    SpAcE_mOnKeY126 Well-Known Member

  5. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    @SpAcE_mOnKeY126 amazing job! I already picked some of the new screenshots to work on them.

    For your information, all screenshots that end up being selected for this project will have a watermark in them for copyrights purposes. ;) Got to make sure your work stays safe and people don't steal it!

    I've tweaked some of the latest screenshots you posted in the forum and I'll soon be adding them on PMC, I just have a request to make.

    This request consists in a few things we have to focus on for the screenshots now, such as:
    - Animals in their biomes ( horses / sheep / cows/ etc)
    - Nether with a fortress and at least 2 mobs (blazes/ wither skeletons/ etc)
    - The End
    - Buildings (houses or cities from project seeds submitted on PMC, Suggestions in the spoiler)
    PMC projects with houses and cities (open)

    Houses sorted by preference:
    1- Modern Oasis by Wariliiaa (one of my favorites)
    2- Modern Beach by Wariliiaa
    3- Modern Watëa by Wariliiaa
    4- Modern Villa by Z3non
    5- Hilltopview_Villa by Z3non (one of my favorites)
    6- Mansion by Z3non
    7- Modern Villa by EvilMuffin253
    8- Tale by Gray_Player

    Libraries sorted by preference:
    1- My Dream Library by Nabisco (my favorite)
    2- The Great Library by snowdrift72

    Cities sorted by preference:
    1- Manoir by 76MPaul
    2- Arlucia by OneArcher (one of my favorites)
    3- Japanese City by 76MPaul (one of my favorites)
    4- Theramor by 76MPaul
    5- Azora by 76MPaul
    I hope this list helps you in providing building screenshots that we're missing and use shaders in all of them :p I've been loving the effect they give.

    Best regards,

    Go crazy! : D
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  6. Matrix

    Matrix Well-Known Member

    That's amazing screenshots pack you got so far, Would be best if we watermarked it before people could randomly steal it...

    On other note, is there due date for this? Just wondering cause my laptop's system is having a bad time.. ;/
  7. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    @Matrix they were all uploaded here so the source will always be here, they already have copyrights just for being here posted by @SpAcE_mOnKeY126 .

    There is no due date however my excitement is taking over me and I want more screenshots to work with!! haha! Simply take your time :) I'm just wanting to update the screenshots as soon as possible :)
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  8. SpAcE_mOnKeY126

    SpAcE_mOnKeY126 Well-Known Member

    I've taken a lot of screenshots and I don't want to copy and paste each URL, so I'm just gonna put a link to an album with all the screenshots.
    Show Spoiler

    Does it work or do I have to copy and paste each URL?

    Also, I've noticed your really good at texturing Val. If you have time and agree to my request, could you create wooden planks that are seamless along the horizontal axis.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2014
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  9. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Albums work great!

    consider using the spoiler feature by typing:
    [spoiler] content goes here [/spoiler]
    [spoiler=title] content goes here [/spoiler]
    About the request, I'll see what I can do ;p

    These screenshots are absolutely amazing... I'm like... browned away. Stunning! Consider structures done ... dear lord this is fantastic! Eyegasm right here seriously.

    We're only missing animals in their biomes and that will be it but please continue giving me eyegasms like this because this is what we need to show off our pack.

    For your information, a friend of mine that doesn't play Minecraft she was shocked of how unbelievably amazing these screenshots are.

    Fenomenal job!

    PS: Give us more with shaders! Now we need animals in their biomes and, if possible a better perspective of the Nether with lava + fortress + 1 or 2 mobs with shaders too lol (no ghast cause I don't like it = it's mine don't worry) and from The End as well with shaders, it might brighten up the world a bit, if not, create hidden light spots and create a light spot behind you from where you're taking the shot ;)
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  10. SpAcE_mOnKeY126

    SpAcE_mOnKeY126 Well-Known Member

    Animals are so hard to get right which is why I haven't uploaded a screenshot of them yet.
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  11. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Just take some with shaders, they are supposed to be photographed in their natural environment, they are not going to pose for you haha!

    you've been doing a fenomenal job, I'm sure you can do it! I believe in you! :D
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  12. SpAcE_mOnKeY126

    SpAcE_mOnKeY126 Well-Known Member

    The Nether and The End become very dark with shaders, which is why the screenshots are without shaders (Brightness doesn't make it brighter while using shaders.). But I'll take some to show you.
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  13. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    In the Nether I just need lighted spots, lava and fire because, with that I can work my magic with Photoshop and add the shaders effect through there.

    Compare your original screenshot of the Nether (without shaders) here with the image manipulation I made with Photoshop here. I just simply need light spots to be able to work my magic!

    If you can provide me light spots in the Nether, similar to the screenshot above, and then hidden light spots in The End to light up the area with -always- a light spot behind you, I will be able to work my magic :)
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  14. SpAcE_mOnKeY126

    SpAcE_mOnKeY126 Well-Known Member

    The animal screenshots turned out quite better than last time I tried taking some. For the Nether and The End I took screenshots with each different shader-pack I have. See if one of the screenshots works. (The 4th and 5th screenshot of the Nether is without shaders by the way.)
    Show Spoiler

    Last edited: Jul 18, 2014
  15. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

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  16. SmokingCrop

    SmokingCrop New Member

    Not sure if you are still looking for some pics but I took some from the server I play on (quite a bit of builds are mine) :)
    1. http://i.imgur.com/l6Q2Ywj.png
    2. http://i.imgur.com/beL098Z.png
    3. http://i.imgur.com/HeWb9Ak.png
    4. http://i.imgur.com/wHBV2Ri.png
    5. http://i.imgur.com/WOvfPRD.png
    6. http://i.imgur.com/REtyiDK.png
    7. http://i.imgur.com/tlBZPmH.png
    8. http://i.imgur.com/fEQFVeA.png
    9. http://i.imgur.com/2Rw9kXl.png
    10. http://i.imgur.com/mPeyveA.png
    11. http://i.imgur.com/nDN2UCx.png
    12. http://i.imgur.com/eLZNBpH.png
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2014
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  17. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    @SmokingCrop We're always looking for screenshots :D

    Thank you so much for participating!
  18. Randy774

    Randy774 New Member

    Here are some screenshots i took of my village that I made over.
    Found this on a server:

    Sorry I couldn't do shaders, my computer isn't strong enough for that, and even if I could have if you were using this to show for your texture pack because it is misleading and i don't like it when people use shaders in their showcases

    (Post the links in your url bar)
  19. Matrix

    Matrix Well-Known Member

    How unfortunate we are unable to see images if it's on your C:/ ,
    You might want to use images host such as http://imgur.com , Photobucket or puush.
  20. Randy774

    Randy774 New Member

  21. Matrix

    Matrix Well-Known Member

    Yay you did it! - They do look awesome :D

    Also, Welcome to Soartex Forums ;)
  22. CelestialPhoenix

    CelestialPhoenix Well-Known Member

    My current survival builds.

    End Portal Room & Overworld (open)


    Nether Expansion (open)


    Older server project [creative mode]
    ??? (open)

    Last edited: Sep 6, 2014
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  23. Langard

    Langard New Member

    Hey, I don't know if you guys are still doing this or not, but I just wanted to say that your resource pack is the best I've ever used. Keep doing what you guys do!

    Attached Files:

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  24. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Hello there @Langard and thank you for submitting your screenshot. I actually really like it, I just don't understand why it's blured?

    Right now our priority is this post since I'm trying to compile a good amount of screenshots that show off the new features of the pack (1.8 update). You can find more information there and please feel free to contribute with as many screenshots you can, preferably with shaders, once they're available :)

    I can't wait to see your work!

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