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Another thread about Customiser...

Discussion in 'News & Discussions' started by CRASH1997, Jun 19, 2016.

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  1. CRASH1997

    CRASH1997 Well-Known Member

    So... Any news about Customiser?
    We are still waiting for it. Maybe Half-life 3 will come out earlier?
  2. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Don't count on it any time soon.

    There's only two people working in the main pack right now, @JasonZ617 and myself, and the team that was supposed to work in the customizer was reduced to one person, @artdude543 .

    As you know, I have a job, Jason has school and artdude has literally more than one job. We can't do everything and, with that, something has to be left behind.

    We have priorities. Jason and I have the main pack and artdude has the modded side of the pack which, by itself is a pain in the butt and above all else, we have our own life, our own jobs/school, our own problems, our own priorities.

    This is a hobbie.

    We're not payed for anything we do here nor the amount of hours we've spend here so far (4 years for artdude and I) and honestly, we get little to no appreciation for what we do and we're constantly being asked " what about this?" or "what about that?" " do you have plans for this?" "do you have plans for that?". People even dare to steal our own work, put it out in another pack and say " I made this pack!".

    Now I ask you... how do you think we feel when we see at least 4 years of dedication to a project that keeps being constantly stolen and no help is given what so ever?

    Again, we have priorities... The customizer isn't one of them.

    Best regards,
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  3. DrumMaster4

    DrumMaster4 Texture Reviewer / Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, I second a lot of what @Valsis said above.

    I used to be working on the pack, but then life happened and I got way busier than I ever thought I would be. As a result, I haven't been able to do much with Soartex other than reviewing the (non-existent) new textures.

    And unfortunately only one person is able to work on the customizer, and he's doing way more than he should have to do with this pack. You can find alternative textures by searching throughout the forums, but that's about as much of a customizer as we have at this point.

    At this point, there are three/four people maintaining a pack that started years ago with next to nothing, and has become far more than that. It's a lot harder than a lot of people realize.

    I know this is pretty inconvenient, especially because a customizer has been on the cutting room floor for years now. But that's how it is. If we ever make progress on the customizer, though, it'll be known.

    – Drum.
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