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Tutorial [1.7.x] Swamp Biomes with Optifine? Here's the fix!

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Valsis, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Since the latest update for Minecraft 1.7, MCPatcher created a new colormap pallet that is not compatible with the one we've been using so far. This has created the issue that most fans are having with custom biome colors, with the result of black blocks due to our previous pallet not being compatible with the latest one.

    Don't panic! There's a solution for it! :D

    In the Attachment follows the files you must put in your pack and the folder where you should put said files along with how you should have Optifine set up so you can have this fix working. Please follow the paths carefully to avoid any mistakes.

    Inside your resurce pack go to:
    assets -> minecraft -> MCPatcher -> colormap
    drag inside the colormap folder all the files inside the attached file (just the files, NOT the zip)

    This will solve the issue that has been happening.

    With Optifine:
    -Under Video Settings, set graphics to Fancy;
    -Under Quality, make sure you have Swamp Colors Option turned On. You can decide if you prefer Custom Colors Option turned On/Off
    -Under Details Settings, make sure you have Grass set to Fancy or Default.

    Voilá! Everything will be perfectly fixed now. I hope this mini-tutorial will help you fix this issue. I hope you enjoy the game along with our Resource pack! Stay smooth and Clean!

    Best Regards,

    Attached Files:

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  2. hazelster10

    hazelster10 New Member

    file won’t unzip.... can you release an unzipped file? its probably because i am on a mac
  3. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    You can always double click it to open it as zip and then drag the files inside to your desktop ;).

    However, if I'm not mistaken, the latest pack should have this issue fixed and more. It's just a matter of you downloading the pack again to get all the issues fixed.
  4. Lunos

    Lunos New Member

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