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Aug 7, 2012
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Under Your Bed
Graphic Designer

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Lead Fanver Developer, Female, from Under Your Bed

Staff Member

We were told all computers should be able to run Soartex Fanver so, here it is! Soartex Fanver - Light Edition! Go get it now! Jan 8, 2017

    1. lindawing
      Are there plans to update Soartex for the upcoming Minecraft 1.13? I can't find anything in the forums that indicates that you plan to update past 1.12.2. I don't see the vanilla textures well, so this is a big problem for me.
    2. masonpettit
      hi i am new and also good job on the texture :)
    3. Valsis
      We were told all computers should be able to run Soartex Fanver so, here it is! Soartex Fanver - Light Edition! Go get it now!
      1. greencometGC and Ridzt like this.
      2. greencometGC
        It works like a charm! :D
        Jan 8, 2017
    4. greencometGC
      Thank you so much for the Lite pack! <3 I am extremely happy right now! ^-^ I am downloading this immediatly!
    5. Valsis
      Happy Christmas Fans! With that said, enjoy the 1.11 pack release! :D
      1. greencometGC and Ridzt like this.
    6. Valsis
      Santa is coming! And you know what comes with him!
    7. Valsis
      A caravan is under way!! Prepare your hay bales!!
    8. Valsis
      Soartex Fanver 1.11 is in the works. It will take a bit longer to come out so, be warned Fans!
      1. DrumMaster4 likes this.
    9. DoodleDonutz
      Hey Val how can i texture a mod like biome o plenty?
    10. CloudWolf
      Some of the items in the texture pack in the item folder is missing
    11. Valsis
      Quick reminder: If you see our work being stolen/distributed by other people, let us know so we can report it. Gotta protect our work! <3
    12. Valsis
      Update 3.0.2 is out to fix some issues that got to our attention. Make sure to get it while it's still fresh!!
    13. Valsis
      Confirmation e-mails are back up. Sorry for the inconvenience as our mail Polar Bears ran into each other.
    14. Valsis
      Soartex Fanver for 1.10 is finally released! get it while it's fresh!
      1. Schyken
        When is the expiration date? :P
        Aug 20, 2016
    15. xujiahong
      Dear Valsis,I want to package printing on a toy for the texture, and carry on sale.So I want to get Invictus or Fanver's license.I'm from China,Please tell me,how can I do.I had e-mail you by going to this link https://soartex.net/contact/,but no reply.
      1. AeroyrHwrdd
        Not sure if that is working...I sent a message via that system near the start of the year and waiting on a reply. I'm happy to wait but I was offering help I would assume that would be snapped up so I'm assuming something isn't working in the pipeline.
        Jun 20, 2016
    16. AeroyrHwrdd
      Thanks for the encouragement, Val.
      Soartex is just too lovely to quit and desparately needs all helping hands willing.
      Did you ever get times when you thought 'I just don't think I'll ever know how to achieve this one'?
    17. Valsis
      It's out!! Soartex Fanver 1.9 [beta] is out!! Get it while it's still fresh!! :D
      1. Shoeboxam
        WHAT?! Where?! OMG OMG OMG
        Mar 11, 2016
    18. GreenieHD
      Hey ! 1.9 is finally released ! I was gonna ask when will you guys release the new version of the pack ! And also if we are missing any textures i would love to help with them !
    19. Valsis
      Stuffs and things are getting updated! :o
    20. Valsis
      I will be posting on my twitter quick previews of my "still in development" textures before posting them here. Stay tuned!
    21. greencometGC
      Why can't I start a conversation with you? D: I sent Shoeboxam something relating to textures, but he doesn't get on the forums much. :P So I was hoping I could copy the text and start a convo with you instead.
      1. Valsis
        Now you can :) I started one with you and now you can talk to me ^_^
        Sep 2, 2015
    22. Valsis
      Amazed and thrilled with all the beautiful contributions so far. Amazing work everyone!
    23. CRASH1997
      Valsis, I made ender_rod.png. A lot of time ago .__.
      1. Valsis
        All textures will be reviewed again before the 1.9 pack being released. Don't worry ;)

        If some textures don't get picked, they will be available as alts for the public to get them ;)
        Sep 2, 2015
    24. ShadowBlazer01
      I'm new and... I'd like to know what program you use to make the textures.
      1. Valsis
        I use Photoshop CS6 :)
        Sep 2, 2015
    25. CRASH1997
      end_rod.png is done, waiting for your rating :)
    26. Valsis
      Elder trophy awarded... 3 years that I'm part of this amazing project. And more to come!
      1. greencometGC
        Congratulations! :)
        Aug 10, 2015
    27. Valsis
      Time to work for 1.9!! Let's do this people :D
    28. AeroyrHwrdd
      Thank you for your comment (and compliment) on the Chisel 2 textures thread by Dejman. I am touched :)
      1. Valsis likes this.
    29. Valsis
      Amazing work by artdude543 over at Minecon representing Soartex Fanver at the Creating Original Content panel.
      1. greencometGC likes this.
    30. Valsis
      Going to Minecon? Make sure to give a hug to artdude543!! He's representing us in the panel! :D
      1. greencometGC likes this.
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