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Minecraft 1.11 - Blocks!

Discussion in 'Vanilla Textures' started by Valsis, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Valsis

    Valsis Lead Fanver Developer Staff Member

    Welcome back Everyone!

    With the release of 1.11 let’s now open this thread for Blocks submissions.

    For those wondering where the previous threads are now, you can click here and remember all the awesome work made so far.

    We will maintain the submission pattern we had from the 1.10 submissions threads to keep posts in order and clean of spam.

    For the new members, this system consists in three separate threads, one for Blocks, another one for Items and, the last but not least, one for textures that do not fit in the category of Blocks nor Items.

    Also we still believe that using the following format when posting textures will help both texture makers, users and Texture Reviewers, so do post your textures using the following form:

    Vanilla texture name:
    Click this to read explanations about the form (open)

    • Vanilla texture name: (e.g.)purpur_block.png
    • Version: If you make various versions of one texture make sure to identify them, for example as v1/ v2/ v3 etc. This makes it easier to address the textures and not confuse people.Trust me, it can be pretty awkward to try to refer to a specific version without the actual numbers.
    • Texture: wfjbowu.png (The texture you made. Make sure you save it as .png)
    • Screenshot: We'd love if they could be taken during daytime (unless it's one that needs a darker environment eg. Glowstone) and for items, we'd love if you could post them on the ground as well into your hotbar to make sure that there are no stray pixels etc) Picture_04.jpeg Picture_05.png

    Please note that, submissions that don't follow this format won’t be considered valid for review (From our Texture Reviewers). We'd prefer not to cloud the thread with unnecessary post asking for specific information that this form provides us with.

    Additionally, we'd love for everyone that wants to give their love, unless it's specific Feedback, to use the Like button instead. This will help your input to be recorded while the texture browsing is eased.

    As a quick note, we accept texture submissions for both older versions of Minecraft as well 1.11.

    While we love seeing textures for things we already have, we'll appreciate if you focus on the newer textures first. :)

    Let’s do this!!
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  2. MoJoCreatior

    MoJoCreatior Well-Known Member

    Hey, there was no post for 1.12 textures, so im dropping these here.
    I threw together some quick concrete textures as i wasn't able to find completed soartex versions.

    Vanilla texture name: Concrete (all 16)

    Attached Files:

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  3. Tamoozbr

    Tamoozbr New Member

    What About Concrece Powder And Glased Terracota
  4. Devin

    Devin Well-Known Member

    Vanilla texture name: glazed_terracotta_x.png
    Version: v.1
    Texture: Attached below
    Show Spoiler

    Attached Files:

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  5. Tamoozbr

    Tamoozbr New Member

    Do Concrece Powder Please
  6. Tamoozbr

    Tamoozbr New Member

    Just Conrece Powder
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  7. Aerihk

    Aerihk Member

    alright, so I decided to try my hand at the concrete powder texture, mostly for myself, but figured whether it gets included in the pack or not, people can use it in the interim. I basically just colourized the sand texture.

    Vanilla texture name: concrete_powder_x.png
    Version: v.1
    Texture: Attached below
    Screenshot(s): (note: the textures only appear rotated because I'm using Optifine. The textures themselves are all oriented the same way)

    Attached Files:

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